Digital Citizenship


November 13 Lesson, Video, Power Point




April 17th Lesson, Video and Game.

March 13th Lesson and Video 1 / Video 2 STOP at min 3:13

February 6th Lesson and Video

November 7th Lesson, Video and Discussion Prompts.

October 10th Lesson and Video

We at Serrano Intermediate School value the three Rs: Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness. It is important for our students to develop these same qualities in the digital world. While technology is part of our work, play, and everyday lives, our young citizens need to understand how to safeguard their personal information, how to treat others respectfully, and how to act responsibly while using any form of technology. A vital piece of being a successful young adult is being a respectful and responsible digital citizen. Throughout the two years that students attend Serrano Intermediate, we use the curriculum from Common Sense Media to engage our students in discussions and activities that will empower them to make good choices while using technology

Common Sense Education offers media-rich resources in English and Spanish to engage and educate families about technology and their kids.

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