The STEAM Village (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) elective is made up of 3 different trimester long electives (below).  Students will take these introductory level courses in 7th grade and more advanced level courses in 8th grade.  These courses will prepare students for pathway choices as they move into 9th grade at El Toro HS.  Each of these courses will be integrated into their core coursework (English, social studies, math & science) throughout the year.  Students will complete one major cross-curricular project each trimester.  Our goal is for students to be faced with real world problems and use design thinking in a project based learning environment to come up with solutions to these problems utilizing the tools and skills from each of these courses below.

Computer Science:

Students will learn problem-solving, web development, games & animations using’s Computer Science curriculum.  Students will create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem-solving and fun. The 7th grade computer science course content will include a focus on apps and games. The 8th grade computer science course content will include a focus on HTML / Web design. 

Digital Media Arts:

Students will learn the language of film, editing, camera operating, directing, scoring and acting. Students will experience hands on projects centered around design thinking in a Project Based Learning environment.  Students will complete projects such as Fractured Fairy Tales and Homework Machine/Lunch Maker demonstrating knowledge of camera shots, angles, stop motion animation, video capturing and editing.


Students will explore the foundations of engineering and the design process.  Students will apply their knowledge through engaging, hands-on projects centered around design thinking in a Project-Based Learning environment. The seventh-grade engineering course content will include engineering fundamentals with  CAD/CAM/CAE and 3D printing. Eighth-grade engineering focuses on robotics and automation.

7th Grade STEAM

8th Grade STEAM

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