Serrano Receives the PBIS Silver Recipient Award

Serrano Receives the PBIS Silver Recipient Award

Dear PBIS Colleague,


The California PBIS Coalition has recently recognized Serrano Intermediate School for its implementation of the core features of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports by awarding it the PBIS Silver Medal. PBIS, a multi-tiered system of support for achieving desired student outcomes, is a set of core features that guides the integration of scientifically based practices for improving academic and behavior outcomes for all students. Serrano Intermediate School initiated the PBIS Program more than ten years ago and is currently participating in the Sustainability Training with its school team.


California PBIS Coalition


Rules Presentation for All Students

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System)

Rules Presentation for All Students

During the first week of school, Serrano Assistant Principals meet with students during their PE classes for a presentation about the Serrano rules. The presentation is available for you to view below. It is a PDF version of a Prezi presentation. Some slides contained student pictures and videos used to exemplify the rules. These have been omitted for privacy reasons.

Rules Presentation

What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior, Interventions, and Support. Our PBIS committee is comprised of teachers, classified staff and an STPO representative.

School rules and policies have been established to insure that all students are provided with an educational environment that supports learning. By working together, we can provide a safe, pleasant, and academically rewarding environment in which students can achieve maximum success. In compliance with PBIS, Serrano Intermediate has established three SCHOOL-WIDE EXPECTATIONS as guiding principles for behavior while on campus, and while going to and from school. These three principles form the foundation for all student attitudes and behavior. Each student should practice these principles daily, focusing on the positive benefits they produce. Serrano Intermediate’s three practices are:

  • Readiness~ Prepared to learn
  • Respect~ Properbehavior toward others
  • Responsibility~ Pride in my actions and attitudes

Below and to the right are some links to information about our PBIS program.

PBIS Student Orientation

Attached you will find our PBIS tours of the campus. All students received instruction on how to display Ready, Responsible, and Respectful behavior in all areas and setting of the campus.

First day tours

School-Wide Behavior Expectations Matrix

The attached matrix explains behavior expectations at various parts of the campus.

Matrix 13-14.doc

PBIS First Day Welcome to Students

Please click on the link below to view the Good Morning Serrano presentation delivered by Ms. Long and Mr. Freda to all students on the first day of school. Students are learning to be Ready - Respectful - Responsible. Please note: the link below is to a Prezi Presentation. Once the presentation opens, click on the right arrow to advance the slides. Click directly on the video clips to view them.

PBIS First Day Welcome