Library Media Center

Welcome to the Serrano Intermediate School Library. Below is a picture of the computer stations and books shelves in the Serrano library.



Contact Information: 

Library Media Teacher 

Elizabeth Kahf 

Welcome to the Serrano Intermediate School Library

The library at Serrano Intermediate School is here to help you with your needs by providing resources to empower your success as a learner. 

Some of our resources include fiction books of different genres and reading levels, as well as non-fiction texts for research project or to read for fun. Digital devices are available to utilize for classwork. Students may print assignments during break or lunch. Each page costs $0.10 to print.

The library is also the place to get textbooks, reprint a student ID card, and locate missing items in the lost & found. 

Library programming includes a monthly book club, Battle of the Books competition, and a service group called Friends of the Library. No matter your interest, there is something for you to be involved with.