Honors Placement Tests

Incoming 7th Grade - Test will take place in the library and gym

Wednesday, May 2nd from 3PM - 4PM

Wednesday, May 16th from 3PM - 4PM

Incoming 8th Grade - Test will take place in either room 201 or 215

Wednesday, May 30th from 2PM - 4PM

Wednesday, June 6th from 2PM - 4PM

*No supplies are needed.

Data Confirmation

Complete Data Confirmation on the Family Portal.

The window for completion is from Tuesday, July 31 - Friday, August 31

Please print the forms for Hawk Walk

Hawk Walk

8th Grade - Wednesday, August 15th

7th Grade - Thursday, August 16th

Yearbook and ID Photo will be taken! Please bring the printed forms from Data Confirmation.

Guidance Team

7th Grade Counselor (Wed-Fri) - Ms. Karley Blake (949) 586-3221 x232011,

8th Grade Counselor (Mon-Fri) - Mrs. Tami Bean (949) 586-3221 x232008,

We are the counselors at Serrano Intermediate School. Our hours are 7:45AM - 4:00PM. The best way to contact us is by e-mail, since most of our time is spent with direct student contact.

We are fortunate to have two wonderful Student Services Technicians (according to your child's grade)

7th grade: Mrs. Rebecca Husson, (7:30a.m - 4:00p.m) ext 232009,
8th grade: Ms. Susan Trehy, (7:00a.m - 3:30p.m) ext 232010,

Our guidance technicians are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you have regarding:

  • Enrolling your child at Serrano
  • Dis-enrolling your child
  • Change in your address or phone number
  • Your child's schedule

Contact Information

Karley Blake

Karley Blake

7th Grade Counselor

(949) 586-3221 x232011

Tami Bean

Tami Bean

8th Grade Counselor

(949) 586-3221 x232008

Rebecca Husson

Rebecca Husson

7th Grade Student Services Technician

(949) 586-3221 x232009

Susan Trehy

Susan Trehy

8th Grade Student Services Technician

(949) 586-3221 x232010