This section describes the elective choices offered at Serrano. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of elective subjects to provide them with a wider breadth of learning experiences. Electives should be chosen carefully as they will be used to schedule the entire year. Think about allergies such as dust before choosing an elective. As you make your selections, keep in mind that the decisions you make may impact your long-range goals for high school. Choose wisely and be prepared to do your very best.

Be advised that enrollment in a particular elective is based upon several variables (i.e., number of students that choose the elective, number of periods the elective is offered, and/or a period conflict with required courses.) Every effort will be made to give students at least two of their highest requested electives.

English Support / Math Support are programs designed for students who are below grade level in English and/or math. This class may be an assigned elective

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