7th grade students can choose between a limited number of Year-Long (YL) electives or our Elective Mix which offers 3 trimester-long (TR) electives.

While every attempt will be made to accommodate students' top choices, placement in electives cannot be guaranteed.

If a student is placed in a year-long elective (ASB, STEAM Village, band, orchestra, or chorus), this will be their only elective for the year. 

Students choosing Elective Mix will receive three different trimester courses from the selections below.  Students will select their number one preference below.  Every effort will be made to place the student into this single trimester course at some point during the year and ‘mix’ it with two other trimester based courses.  Please understand that all courses may not be offered, and the grouping of courses will be random.

Students wishing to enroll in the STEAM Village elective can choose to take a zero period (begins at 7:15am daily) and have another YEAR-LONG (YL) elective (Trimester electives are not available for zero period).   

*STEAM Village is a two-year program and requires a commitment for both 7th & 8th grades.

It is important to choose electives carefully.  They will be used to construct the student’s schedules for the entire school year. Donations apply to many of the elective courses so please check the full course description online on the Serrano webpage.  

Enrollment in electives is based upon several variables (i.e., the number of students that choose the elective, the number of periods the elective is offered, teacher availability, and/or a period conflict with required courses). A student may be placed in a course not matching their top choice(s) or perhaps not listed on the card.

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