Mission Statement

The Serrano Intermediate School learning community is committed to the academic success of every student. We provide a safe learning environment that teaches our students responsibility, respect, and integrity to prepare them for the future.

Vision Statement

Serrano Intermediate School is a professional learning community dedicated to the success of ALL students. A supportive parent and business community, a professional and caring staff, and respectful and responsible students are the essential components of our success.

Guiding Principles

HIGH EXPECTATIONS: High expectations are set for ALL students to maximize their potential. ALL students have the ability to learn, and no student has the right to fail. Students needing help in achieving the standards receive support from the entire school community.

POSITIVE, CARING SCHOOL COMMUNITY: The school environment is safe, positive, and caring to support the uniqueness of middle school students. Students are respected and valued by the school community.

QUALITY CURRICULUM: ALL students are engaged in a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. Strong exploratory and enrichment programs allow students to make informed academic and vocational choices.

MEETING DIVERSE ABILITIES AND CULTURAL NEEDS: Instruction is differentiated to meet the learning needs of students with a wide range of abilities, allowing them to build upon their personal strengths. The school community understands and appreciates the diversity of our students in their talents, personal characteristics, language backgrounds, ethnic or racial heritage, and cultural traditions.

Revised: September 2009