Career Technical Education (CTE)

CTE Programs

STEM--Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

17-18 STEM Pictures

STEM Courses at RSM

Industrial Technology: Working collaboratively in teams, students will develop apps, design electronic circuits, and create CAD drawings at high-tech workstations. Students will learn to apply manufacturing and woodworking processes to create airplanes, race cars, and structures. Prepare yourself for a career in the engineering and design, applied science, or technology fields.

Project Lead The Way/S.T.E.M.: Applying high-tech engineering and design principles using cutting edge 3D CAD stations and multi-dimensional printers and other high-tech tools. Students will prepare themselves for successful careers in the core technology, science and mathematical fields. Building and coding of VEX robots will bring automation education to life. This class is based on the Project Lead the Way curriculum. Prerequisite: Industrial Tech

Digital Film

17-18 Digital Film Pictures

Digital Film Courses at RSM

Digital Filmmaking: Want to make movies using digital media? Improve your camera techniques, hone your video editing and composition skills, and experience all aspects of filmmaking through this hands-on introduction to digital storytelling. More than simply an outlet for creative expression, this class gives you actual experience and marketable skills that will help you succeed in any career.

Advanced Media Production: Ready to learn advanced broadcast and film production? Through the analysis of film and media forms, you’ll learn to deconstruct master-level techniques of specific film and broadcast genres to create short-form film narratives, documentaries, and news features. Leave RSM with an impressive portfolio and a skill-set that sets you apart from novice filmmakers. Prerequisite: Digital Filmmaking