Yearlong Electives Trimester Long Electives
  • Advanced Art*
  • ASB/Leadership
  • Band
  • Chorus
  • KRSM*
  • Orchestra
  • Project Lead the Way*
  • Spanish 1*
*8th Grade Only Electives
  • Advanced Media Production*
  • Aide*
  • Art 1
  • Creative Writing 
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Foods
  • Industrial Technology
  • Intro to Drama
  • MUN/Speech & Debate
  • Reading Enrichment
  • Theater Production
  • Yearbook (2 Trimesters) 



Art I: Embracing studio-grade art tools, learn to draw and paint, analyze artwork, and apply observation, visualization, and problem-solving skills during the creative process. Work displayed around school and in local shows.

Advanced Art: Polish skills, create art worthy of your own portfolio, and deepen your understanding of the concepts learned in Art I. Experiment with new media as well as 3D applications. Prerequisite:  Art I

ASB/Leadership: Class comprised of 7th and 8th grade leaders who plan a variety of extra-curricular activities, which include dances, fundraising, lunchtime activities, homeroom competitions, school-wide competitions and much more. Prerequisite: Advisor approval and student must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination): prepares students for college readiness and success. Students participate in activities that incorporate strategies focused on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading to support their academic growth. Students will refine short-term and long-term goals and will expand their knowledge of note-taking, studying and preparing for tests. Students will be exposed to different field trips, guest speakers and research, to increase their knowledge of college and career options.

Creative Writing: Geared toward students who love to write and are open to exploring a variety of genres. Students work on their own writing with the positive support of peers and guidance of the instructor. Writing will be celebrated with writing groups and Author's Chair.

Model United Nations (MUN)/Speech & Debate: Use research, writing, and public speaking to engage in the Art of Diplomacy. Participants develop better research, formal writing, and public speaking skills that will be useful long into their school and work careers. Students learn how to persuade others to their way of thinking and to come to compromise through negotiation on many difficult issues that exist in the world today.

Reading Enrichment: Improve reading skills while having fun. Time to read, work on valuable reading skills, and enjoy reading and word games. Elevate English grades and send test scores soaring. Designed for ALL levels of readers from those who are reluctant to advanced lovers of literature.

Yearbook: Learn page layout, photography, and other essentials skills related to organizing and publishing a high-quality yearbook. Students must be responsible, possess good writing skills, and be willing to attend after school events and other assignments. Application Required.

Digital Filmmaking: Improve camera techniques, hone video editing and composition skills, and experience all aspects of filmmaking through this hands-on introduction to digital storytelling. More than simply an outlet for creative expression, this class provides actual experience and marketable skills that will help students succeed in any career.

Advanced Media Production: Through the analysis of film and media forms, learn to deconstruct master-level techniques of specific film and broadcast genres to create short-form film narratives, documentaries, and news features. Leave RSM with an impressive portfolio and a skill-set that sets you apart from novice filmmakers. Prerequisite: Digital Filmmaking

KRSM: Become part of the production team responsible for producing KRSM-TV’s live morning show! Learn to plan, script, and direct a live broadcast with occasional opportunities to be on-air talent. Operate studio cameras, Teleprompters, title generators, video and audio mixers, tape and digital video players. Class meets daily during zero period. Prerequisites: Digital Filmmaking, Audition, and Teacher Approval

Foods: Learn the foundation and skills to work creatively and safely in the kitchen. Gain an understanding of kitchen safety, food nutrition, recipe reading, and cooking essentials. Working collaboratively in teams, students will plan, prepare and serve a variety of food items.

Intro to Drama: Experience creative theater through improvisation, monologues, and pantomime. Enhance acting ability with fun classroom projects, culminating with a dramatic presentation.

Theater Production: Take your acting to the next level! Enroll in Theater Production to experience advanced improvisation, interactive scene work, complex character development, and much more! Audition Required.

Industrial Technology (Intro to Project Lead the Way): Develop apps, design electronic circuits, and create CAD drawings at high-tech workstations. Apply manufacturing and woodworking processes to create airplanes, race cars, and structures. Prepare for a career in the engineering and design, applied science, or technology fields.

Project Lead the Way/STEM: Apply high-tech engineering and design principles using cutting edge 3D CAD stations and multi-dimensional printers and other high-tech tools. Prepare for successful careers in the core technology, science and mathematical fields. Building and coding of VEX robots will bring automation education to life. This class is based on the Project Lead the Way curriculum. Prerequisite: Industrial Tech

Introduction to Spanish: Explore the fascinating world of the Spanish-speaking people via fun activities, hands-on projects, and speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. This class helps prepare students for Spanish I, but is not required.

Spanish 1:  Considered a high school level class, students will enrich their own world by learning and using a new language and appreciating a new culture. Acquire speaking, reading, and writing skills that focus on activities and routines used in daily life at school and home. Prerequisite: Grade of A in English 7 or B or better in English 7 Honors. Trimester grades will appear on high school transcript. Upon successful completion of Spanish 1, students may take Spanish 2 in high school.

Encore (Chorus): Instruction includes beginning music theory, basics of harmony, and developing singing techniques. Learn and perform songs from a variety of genres and styles, including current popular music. Frequent opportunities to perform for family and friends, the school, and the community. The group will audition for a workshop at Disneyland. Some performances outside of school hours.

Intermediate Band: For the musician already on the road to success! Continue to study your current instrument and rehearse every day. Students perform at concerts, take field trips, and compete in festivals both local and nationwide! Prerequisite: One-year band experience in 6th grade

Orchestra: Become the musician you’ve always wanted to be! Continue your current instrument or learn a new instrument. Orchestra rehearses every day to prepare for concerts, field trips, and Disneyland!

Advanced Band: Our most challenging band class, for 8th grade students only! Advanced Band rehearses every day. Students play at school concerts, high school football games, field trips for festivals, and Disneyland! Prerequisite: Prior experience in 7th grade required

Advanced Strings: The most challenging Orchestra class, for 8th grade only. Advanced Orchestra rehearses every day. Students in Advanced Strings play at concerts, assemblies, community & school-wide events, festivals, field trips and Disneyland! Prerequisite: Prior experience in 7th grade required

Jazz Band: Learn rock ‘n’ roll, swing, funk, Latin, blues, and jazz improvisation in this fun and challenging elective. Join the fun and perform at community events, festivals, and school-wide! Prerequisite: 8th grade students with one-year prior experience in Intermediate Band or Orchestra

Elective Teachers