This is a fun way for students to explore different college and career options. Students complete various "ExploreTivities" and can earn a field trip to a local college/career campus and can also receive award recognition!

The ExploreTivity checklist for each grade level and related worksheets are available in the guidance office. Once students complete an ExploreTivity, the counselor signs off for completion on the student's checklist.

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Minimum requirement to earn the college/career field trip by February 1, 2024:

  • 7th grade - 15 ExploreTivities
  • 8th grade - 20 ExploreTivities

Requirement to earn award recognition by March 15, 2024:

  • 7th grade - all 19 ExploreTivities
  • 8th grade - all 24 ExploreTivities

See your counselor with any questions!

ExploreTivity Worksheets!