Policies & Procedures

Parent/Student Handbook

Attendance Policy

Parking Rules

General Rules
  • Speed Limit is 10 miles per hour.
  • No Cell Phone use while driving in Parking Lot.
  • Traffic is One-Way Only.
  • Enter from the North driveway (across from Fundadores).
  • Exit at the South driveway (across from Via Honesto).
  • Do not enter or exit from middle driveway. This is for Bus Traffic Only!Follow all signs, including Bus Loading and No Stopping Zones.
Before School Hours
  • You may drop off students within the parking lot, but it is preferable you drop them off elsewhere to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Do not drive down the side parking lots. U-turns are dangerous and these lots are reserved for Staff Parking only.
During School Hours
  • You may park in the Green Zone right in front of the school, but not past 2:30pm as this is for Bus Parking.
  • You may park in the Visitor spots or in any unmarked stall.
After School Hours
  • Please adhere to the above General Rules.
  • The Parking Lot is Closed until the last bus leaves (chain will be removed from North entrance).
  • It is highly recommended you make prior arrangements with your child on a pick-up spot, preferably a block or two away from the school. Traffic is heavy and this will ease congestion.
  • Please be aware of all parking signs on the streets. We are not liable for tickets given when you park in a no parking zone.
  • Please avoid picking up or dropping off students on private property, such as in the surrounding developments.