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As a science team, we will be supporting the Common Core Standards (CCSS) by including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in our curriculum. In addition, we regularly utilize chromebooks in the hope that all of our students will be using advanced technology to access current science information, news, scientific research, and science experts.

Grade 7 Teachers:
  • Mrs. Castro
  • Mr. Densham
  • Ms. Wernle´

Grade 8 Teachers:

  • Mrs. Castro
  • Mrs. Mack
  • Mr. Werner

The focus in grade 7 is Life Science, which includes scientific method, measurement, animal and plant cells, genetics, evolution, the history of life on Earth, and the structures and functions of living things, including human body systems. Common activities include dissections and cell projects.

Eighth grade curriculum consists of the physical sciences. Topics include physics, chemistry, and astronomy. A few of the exciting projects are soda bottle rockets, Newton’s crash cars, and bridges.