Los Alisos is blessed with a corps of talented and energetic math teachers. All are highly qualified and trained in the latest methodologies.

Math teachers at Los Alisos include:

  • Mrs. Marks, Math 8 and Algebra
  • Mrs. McCullough, Math 7 and Math 8
  • Mr. Owen, Math 8
  • Mrs. Espinoza, Math 8
  • Mrs. Risse, Math 7H and Math 7 (website)
  • Mr. Pluimer, Math 7
  • Mrs. Bertoglio, Math 7 and Math 8


  • The 7th grade textbook: Big Ideas Math Course 2; Big Ideas Learning
  • The Math 7H textbook: Glencoe Math Accelerated; McGraw-Hill
  • The Math 8 textbook: California Math Course 3; McGraw-Hill
  • The Algebra 1 textbook: Algebra 1: Analyze, Connect, Explore; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • The Geometry textbook: Geometry; Glencoe.

Students are encouraged to be organized. They should utilize their Binder Minder on a daily basis and keep their math papers together in a binder/folder. Math Mandatorial for missing assignments is held on Tuesday at lunch. Students should come by before school, at lunch or after school to ask questions from any available math teacher.