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The English Department opened the school year with a strong focus; in addition to teaching our content-related curriculum, we also strive to help every child build the skills needed for college and career in the future. A dedicated group of teachers are working together to integrate the Common Core State Standards and district requirements into our curriculum. Implementing our new adopted online textbook and enhancing new strategies and programs help this energetic and amiable group meet the needs of multi-level students effectively in language arts.

The English Department's teachers have attended many professional development in-services for implementation of the language arts and the Common Core State Standards. Every Wednesday, the teachers plan together, compare data and discuss teaching strategies and curricula; thus, lending consistency which helps all students to focus and meet the challenges of the English class. All teachers are helping students explore the academic vocabulary and content vocabulary for this year, while incorporating technology into lessons on a daily basis. Classes focus on important ideas and use critical thinking to analyze, interpret, and support their conclusions about literature.