What is tutorial?

La Paz offers a tutorial period during the school day (Tuesday through Friday). The purpose of tutorial is to provide students with time to receive additional academic support, work with a teacher on honors assignments, complete homework, and to make-up missing assignments and tests. Teachers will stamp the student's planner when a student is required to attend a specific tutorial session. If students do not have a stamp, students may choose which tutorial session they would like to attend among Open Tutorials. Students should check with their teachers to see if they will be open or closed for tutorial.

Tutorial Priority


Quad Chromebook Procedure

There are now 40 Chromebooks for students to use in the Quad. Please follow the steps below to check out a Quad Chromebook.

  1. Place personal items down where you will sit in the Quad.
  2. Take your student ID with you to the Quad Chromebook cart.
  3. Hand your student ID to the adult and receive your Quad Chromebook.
  4. When you are finished with the Chromebook or six minutes before the end of tutorial, quietly return the Chromebook. You will hand the Chromebook to the adult and receive your student ID.
  5. Return to your seat and continue working until the end of tutorial.