CJSF - California Junior Scholarship Federation

CJSF is the middle school version of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) in high school. Students can join CSF by meeting the academic criteria each semester and applying. Students who meet the requirements all four years of high school wear a special cord with their graduation gowns. CJSF is an opportunity for middle school students to get in the habit of saving their report cards and completing applications using the point system after each trimester/semester.

Membership is not automatic. Qualified students must reapply each trimester by the advertised deadlines. La Paz students who qualify and complete an application for two trimesters in 7th grade and the first two trimesters in 8th grade will receive special recognition in the 8th grade promotion ceremony program, as well as a gold seals on their promotion certificates. Announcements will be made when applications are being accepted. Applications must be turned in by the advertised deadlines. Applications are available from English teachers and in the Guidance Office.

Students with questions/concerns should see or email ( their counselor, Mrs. McCormick.

  • 2nd Trimester deadline is Friday, April 5 @ 4:00pm.



School Service Award

There is no service hour requirement at La Paz, but students who choose to complete 20 hours of School Service will receive recognition at the end of the year.

To receive the award, twenty hours are required of La Paz sanctioned school service. Announcements are made throughout the year as service opportunities are available. Examples include campus beautification, Esperanza birthday club, International Festival, music tutors, food service workers, etc. There are green "School Service" forms available in the office for students to use to keep track of their service.

Seventh grade students will be recognized during their community celebrations at the end of the year. Eighth grade students will be recognized during the annual "Night of the Stars" 8th grade awards night at the end of the year.

*Eighth graders who complete CJSF both years and school service in 8th grade will be recognized for "CJSF with Distinction" at Night of the Stars and in the promotion ceremony program.

Intermediate School Planning Guide

The Intermediate School Planning Guide includes the requirements to promote to the next grade level at the end of the year. It also includes GPA calculation instructions, as well as high school/college information.

Study Skills Guide

Below are two different books/guides for parents and students to utilize when wanting to improve study skills.
Helpful Study Skills Websites:

Tutoring and Homework Help

Are you looking for a tutor?

Adult Tutors: The district maintains a tutor list which consists mostly of current and retired SVUSD tutors that have all been fingerprinted. Visit the District Tutor List

Mission Viejo Library: For homework help and tutoring, visit the Mission Viejo Library website.

Other academic help: As always, teachers are available during tutorials Tuesday through Friday (on regular schedule days) to answer student questions.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Hotline help: For free help with science or math over the phone, call 1-877-827-5462 Sunday through Thursday from 6-9 pm. Visit Harvey Mudd College Homework Hotline website for more information. All tutors are trained Harvey Mudd College students.

Science and Math help online: For free short instructional video lessons on every topic imaginable in math and science, visit the Khan Academy website.

High School Registration Guide