Physical Education

Welcome to La Paz Physical Education

Mission Statement

The Physical Education Department at La Paz is dedicated to providing every child with a positive physical education experience. Research has shown that students who participate daily in physical education also excel in their academic career. Good fitness habits, started at an early age will carry over into adult life, leading to an enriched active lifestyle.

7th Grade Units


Field Sports







Track and Field


8th Grade






Health 1

Health 2


Create a Game/Team Handball

Field Sports

Health and Wellness

Health/wellness units will be incorporated into the physical education classes. There will be one health/wellness unit in seventh grade and two health/wellness units in eighth grade.

7th Grade:

Making Healthy Decisions:

Refusal Skills

Goal Setting

Project Alert:




Conflict Management:

Peer Pressure






Food labels

Weight management

8th Grade Health 1:

  • Building Responsible Relationships
  • Conflict Management
  • Preventing Abuse and Violence
  • Project Alert
  • Health and Environment

8th Grade Health 2:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Human Growth and Development:

Sexually Transmitted Infections


Pregnancy/Birth Process

Medical Excuses

  • A student may be excused from participation for up to three days with a parent’s note. Uniforms must still be worn. With a doctor’s note, non-participation may extend beyond three days and a uniform is not required.
  • Students missing three days or more may be required to complete an alternative writing assignment related to physical education.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are run at lunchtime throughout the school year for girls and boys. All students are welcome to play in our intramural tournaments. There are separate 7th and 8th grade tournaments. Intramural sports are played at lunch.

  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Three Point Shooting Contest
  • Soccer


  • All students are expected to wear the following for physical education: Ash or grey t-shirt with no logo (last name, first initial written on front), red shorts with no pockets, athletic shoes. Families have several options for acquiring the required uniform: 1) Purchase items at a location of their choice 2) Purchase items at La Paz 3) Use a previous year’s uniform (own, sibling, etc)
  • La Paz Prices: $12 Shirt, $12 Shorts, optional $6 Cinch Bag. Cash or check made out to La Paz Intermediate School. Only teachers are allowed to write a student’s name on the physical education uniform. Students are not allowed to write anything additional on their uniform. If this rule is violated the student will be required to purchase another uniform.
  • Shorts are to be worn above the hipbone and the tops of the shorts cannot be rolled.
  • Athletic shoes and socks are required.
  • Sweatshirts are allowed only on cold days and are to be worn over the student’s PE shirt.
  • Clothes that are worn to school should not be used for cover-ups because they are often soiled or lost.
  • Uniforms are to be taken home on Friday, laundered, and returned cleaned on Monday.

Locker Items

Lockers are to be used for the following items:

1. La Paz P.E. Uniform

2. Athletic Shoes

3. Sweatshirt for cold days

4. Deodorant

  • Clear or colored roll on or gel deodorants are okay
  • No white stick or aerosol spray deodorant

General Discipline

Students will be responsible for following school rules. The rules and the consequences of breaking school rules are detailed in the La Paz Intermediate School Planner. The three R’s: Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness is a guide used throughout our school, including Physical Education.

Locker Room Rules

A locker will be provided to each student. It is very important that students keep their combination secret to prevent theft or vandalism of personal items. Backpacks will be locked up in a designated area of the locker room at the beginning of each class period.

  • No glass (including perfumes and colognes)
  • No eating or drinking
  • No running/horseplay
  • No backpacks in the locker rooms
  • No cameras or cell phones in the locker rooms
  • No aerosol spray deodorant, body sprays, or perfumes
  • No white stick deodorant

Contact Information

Mrs. Nicholson

Mr. McAlister

Mrs. Gerardo

Mr. Murphy