Important Attendance Note:
Please call before 9:00 AM on each day your child is going to be absent or late.
The attendance line number is (949) 830-3462 (24 hours) or

Attendance voice mail is read every morning several times.

General Attendance Information

There are two types of absences:

  • Excused: Illness, medical or dental appointments, death in the immediate family, quarantine or immunization exclusion.
  • Unexcused: Vacation trips, sports/club events, shopping, working, transportation breakdown, family celebrations, missing the bus, truancy, suspension, or needed at home.

Please note that both excused and unexcused absences result in a financial loss to La Paz.

General attendance guidelines:

Parents or guardians are asked to call the 24-hour Absence Line (949) 830-3462 or email as soon as possible to report the student absence. This will eliminate the need for a note and a readmit slip to class.

If a parent does not call the attendance office, the student must return to school with a written note signed by the parent or guardian stating: the student’s name, date of absence, and reason for the absence from school.

If a student returns without a signed note and no phone contact has been made by the parent, the student will be given an unexcused readmit. The student will receive a lunch detention for every day that the readmit is not returned or if a parent/guardian has not called to clear the absence.

When a student is absent, even for a legitimate reason, it is THE STUDENT’S responsibility to check with their teachers to make up any missed work.

If at student knows they are going to miss class or are absent for three days or more, the parent or student should contact the teachers directly via email to obtain homework.


If students are late to school, a note of verification from the parent or guardian must be given, or the parent can come up to the attendance window with the student to clear the tardy.

If students are late to any class, it not only affects their success in that class, but also the success of others who must wait until the student gets settled into the class before learning can continue.

Unexcused tardies will result in school disciplinary procedures.

Tardy Policy:

Students who are not in class when the bell rings are considered tardy. Being tardy results in the following:

  • 1st Tardy - teacher gives warning and notifies student
  • 2nd Tardy - teacher gives warning and notifies student
  • 3rd Tardy - teacher notifies students, assigns lunch detention, and contacts parents.
  • 4th Tardy - teacher notifies student
  • 5th Tardy - teacher notifies student
  • 6th Tardy - teacher notifies student, contacts parents, and submits referral to AP. AP assigns Saturday school and places student on tardy contract.

NOTE: If a student is tardy to first mod of the day, he/she must be cleared through the attendance office. A STUDENT WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO CLASS WITHOUT A SIGNED READMIT SLIP!

Tardies of twenty minutes or more are considered truancies. In the case of a truancy, students will be given Saturday School or the equivalent, and/or be referred to the District School Attendance Review Board (S.A.R.B.).

Appointments and Picking Up Students During School Hours

We encourage parents to schedule all appointments outside the school day. Our Early Out Mondays are great days for planning appointments. If a student must leave school for any reason, a note advising the office as to the time and nature of the dismissal is required. This note should be brought to the attendance office before school. The student will receive an “Early Dismissal Slip.” This slip is shown to the classroom teacher at the time of dismissal and the student will report to the attendance office. The parent or guardian of the student must come into the office to sign out the student for early dismissal. Following this procedure minimizes the time a parent has to wait for a student to be called out of class. Please note that we are unable to release a student during tutorial (12:16 p.m. to 12:46 p.m.) unless prior arrangements have been made.

During school hours, it is always necessary for a parent or guardian to come to the office and sign the student out, even if a note has been sent. This procedure protects the student from leaving the campus with anyone other than the parent or guardian. Students will not be allowed to walk home to meet a parent for an appointment or walk to their scheduled appointment from school unless it is stated in the note. Students will only be released to those people listed as emergency contacts.

Independent Study

Being at school each and every day is essential to the long term academic success of students. We do realize that now and then there are extenuating circumstances that require a student to miss school for an extended period of time. We implore you to use your utmost discretion when it comes to having your child miss school. If your child is to miss five or more days of school because of family vacation or other business, you will need to contact the attendance office two weeks prior to the trip. Please contact the school’s attendance clerk, Mrs. Dean, to place the student on the Independent Study Contract so the student’s academic program is not interrupted. Please call the office at (949)830-1720 or email Mrs. Dean at