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"Everything we do, we do together."

Welcome to the official website of the Trabuco Hills High School Vocal Department. Our high school is home to a wonderful music and vocal department and currently houses the THHS Concert Choir, Women's Ensemble, Nightingales, and Chamber Choir. The students take pride in learning an academically historical, multicultural, and modern selection of choral literature as they perform multiple venues throughout the academic year. Students also have the opportunity to participate in various performance opportunities throughout the Orange County community and expand their choral education experience further as they compete both in local and national choral festivals throughout the country.

During the course of the school year, all ensembles participate in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and POPS concerts held in the theater on campus, while concluding with a formal banquet in June. As all students of any ability are welcome to join and sing with the vocal department, each ensemble learns beginning through advanced-level techniques in vocal performance, musicianship, and team collaboration skills. More so, each student will learn the history, science, language, and poetic importance of each selection of literature they encounter throughout the year.

Please come and support your Mustang Choirs!


Mission Statement

The Trabuco Hills High School Vocal Department provides a high-quality, musical education that empowers students through collaborative performance, friendship, and family values.


Our Vision

Connecting and enriching all mustangs through vocal and choral music.


Interested in joining an ensemble?

Come visit Mr. Haro in room 245 by the rally stage and entrance to the gym! Periods 5 and 7 Concert Choir and Women’s Ensemble are open all year with no audition needed. Period 4 Nightingales open by private audition only. Chamber Choir auditions occur once a year at the end of May.


  1. I’m already participating in a sport or different extracurricular activity. Can I still join an ensemble?

    Yes! In fact, many of our vocalists already participate in a sport or various extracurricular activity, both on and off campus. The choral calendar works with athletics and student organizations on campus so that there are little conflict for students wishing to participate in as much as possible during their time at Trabuco Hills.

  2. I don’t think I can sing and I can’t read music. Is there still an ensemble for me?

    Yes! Regardless of your musical ability, everyone is welcome to join an ensemble. Every ensemble learns of the basic fundamentals of healthy singing and how to accurately and confidently read music.

  3. How long can I sing in an ensemble for? Is it just for one year?

    Participation in the vocal department is a minimum one-year commitment. However, many students chose to participate up to four years as they progress through the various levels the department has to offer.

  4. Do all ensembles get to compete and travel?

    All ensembles have an opportunity to travel and compete in local festivals. However, Nightingales and Chamber Choir have an opportunity to compete on both the state and national level.

  5. When can I join an ensemble? Are there auditions?

    Students may join the vocal department anytime throughout the year (so long as it works with your schedule)! However, entrance into Nightingales and Chamber Choir is by audition only. Auditions are held once a year in May. Should you be interested in joining an auditioned ensemble, please visit Mr. Haro in room 245 and visit the audition information page.

  6. Does joining the vocal department count towards my graduation requirement and help getting into college?

    Yes! One full year of participation in the vocal department counts towards your visual and performing arts graduation requirement and eligibility for UC and CSU admissions. Consecutive, yearly dedication also looks fantastic on college admission applications!

2019/2020 Choir Executive Council

  • President - Annie Guzman

  • Vice President - Mirielle Smith

  • Secretary - Alyssa Gauss

  • Historian - Luke Desmond

  • Social Media - Delaney Miller

  • Publicity - Jaclyne Schoen

Past Presidents/Vice Presidents

2018/2019 - President: Hannah Christensen; Vice President: Ryan Harvey

2017/2018 - President: Raine Allen; Vice President: Raelyn Cudd

2016/2017 - President: Annika Braaksma; Vice President: Ginger Hurney

Alma Mater

By the mountains and the ocean,

there's a place where we adore.

Where the sun shines bright

on Trabuco's sight,

the halls of Grey and Blue.

Scholars and champions,

united are we,

striving together with our loyalty.

Hail Alma Mater!

May your praises e'er be told

of friendship, and of courage

in colors bright and bold.