Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

Site Council

Purpose of Site Council

The school improvement plan, including a budget, shall be developed and recommended by the School Site Council.  The School Site Council, following approval of a school improvement plan by the School District governing board, shall have ongoing responsibility to review with the Principal, teachers, other school personnel, and pupils the implementation of the school improvement program and to assess periodically the effectiveness of such a program.  Modifications or any improvement to the plan or budget shall be developed, recommended, and approved or disapproved in the same manner.  The Council shall carry out all other duties and responsibilities assigned to it in the Education Code of the State of California.

SV Connects

Focusing on equitable, intentional, and engaging practices which provide opportunities for each and every student to be successful.

Instructional Goal

Implement research-based instructional strategies and highly effective professional development that promotes responsive, equitable, and innovative learning environments for all students.

District LCAP Goals

  • Each school site will develop and maintain positive parent, student, and community involvement and engagement to promote and support student success.
  • All students will demonstrate mastery of grade-level content and graduate prepared to be successful in college, career, and beyond.
  • All students will have appropriately assigned teachers with access to curriculum-aligned instructional materials where state academic standards are implemented in safe, clean, & functional school facilities.