Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School


Locker Information


The following lockers will be REMOVED over Spring Break (April 1st - April 9th):


  • 100 building (locker #'s: 0001 - 0240 and 0241 - 0356) - the ones located in front of the Student Store are NOT being removed
  • 200 building (locker #'s: 1677 - 1868) - the ones located in the quad area are NOT being removed
  • 300 building (locker #'s: 2259 - 2702) - the ones facing the 400 & 500 buildings are NOT being removed

Students that have a locker in these areas, must empty out their lockers ON or BEFORE Friday, March 31st.

Students can pick out another locker that is open and NOT in the areas that lockers are being removed (see list above)

Open lockers are located:

  • On both sides of the MPR
  • Attached to the 100 building (in front of the Student Store)
  • Attached to the 200 building (in the quad area)
  • Attached to the 300 building (facing 400 & 500 buildings)
  • Attached to the 400 building
  • Attached to the 500 building

Signs will be posted near the locations of the lockers that will be removed and an automated phone call will go out, to remind students to remove their belongings.

Please note: Students are responsible to make sure they remove their belongings on or before Friday, March 31st. We will not be responsible for items that are not removed from lockers. Any locker items that are not removed before Spring Break, will be placed in library.