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Trabuco Hills High School

Incoming Freshman

New to SVUSD or Returning to SVUSD?

If your student attended 8th grade outside of SVUSD, please be sure to visit the Registration Page on the district website and complete the online student registration in Aeries (AIR).

After you have completed AIR, please visit How to Enroll My Student for specific document information and instructions on how to make your registration appointment at THHS, held in late May or June.

For more information about Trabuco Hills, please check out our Why Trabuco Hills?

SVUSD Students

The Trabuco Hills Guidance Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your student to Trabuco Hills High School: Home of the Mustangs!  


Quick Links for Freshman

Freshman Handbook

Trabuco Hills High School Student Handbook

SVUSD High School Registration Guide English

SVUSD Guía de inscripción para la preparatoria Español

Honors English Summer Reading Assignment

Future Mustang Athletic Interest Form

Athletic Clearance Website

Pre-Participation Sports Screening Evaluation

Health Sciences and Career Academy

Health Sciences and Career Academy Pathways

Most students will need to indicate preferences for 2 elective courses in addition to these core academic subjects. Some students may also have English or Math support classes according to the SVUSD course placement guidelines. SVUSD policy states that all freshmen must take a minimum of six classes.

Freshman Schedule Information:

1.  English (English 1, Eng 1 Hon)

2.  Math (Algebra 1A, Algebra 1, Geometry, Geometry Honors)

3.  Science (Biology of the Living Earth, Biology of the Living Earth Honors)

4.  Physical Education (PE 1, Athletics when rostered, Marching Band, Pep Squad, etc.)

5.  Elective* (some students are added to Freshman Focus/Health) 

6.  Elective* 

A-G Poster

Information to Consider When Choosing Your Electives:

Freshman Focus + Health- Freshman Focus is our way of saying: “Welcome to Trabuco!” In this class, you can expect to be introduced to all things high school, and be equipped with the organizational, time-management, and communication skills to help you in this important transition. This course is an ideal way to start high school, as it is coupled with Health: a one-semester graduation requirement. It’s a win-win! 

PE and Athletics- Students have been pre-enrolled in PE for Fall and Spring. Students who plan to try-out for an athletic sport will have their schedules updated upon receipt of the team roster from the athletic director in August or during the sport’s season.

Language other than English - College-bound students are required to take a minimum of two years in the same language, three years are recommended for the UC’s and impacted campuses in the California State University system. Prepared students can begin this requirement Freshman year, but it is not required. For students who could benefit from a year to transition to the expectations of high school, they can begin a language Sophomore year as well. 

Visual and Performing Arts - Students planning to apply to a four-year college or university are required to take 1 year of a Visual/Performing Art (both semesters must be in the same discipline). Courses that meet the UC/CSU VAPA requirement for THHS.

AP Human Geography – This class is the most challenging elective option designed to prepare students for the rigors of AP classes. This is not a requirement for future AP courses. The recommended criteria for this class is concurrent enrollment in English 1 Honors.  


\We look forward to working with you! If you have any questions regarding the Fall 2022 registration process, please feel free to reach out to your student’s Guidance Technician.

Guidance Department Contacts


Guidance Department Staff

The staff are here to help with many of your non-academic needs such as work permit applications, transcripts, AP testing, and language translation.

Guidance Secretary

Bilingual Parent Advocate

Assistant Principal of Guidance & Curriculum

Kim Lindsay

Lourent Peguero



Daryl Beck


Guidance Technicians

Your Guidance Techs can help with scheduling, registration, portal access, graduation status, grades, records, and summer school.

Last Names: A-El

Last Names: Em-Le

Last Names: Li-Ri

Last Names: Ro-Z

Michele McCann

Nancy Murphy

Katherine Ahearn

Aira Torres



School Counselors

Will assist you with decision-making as you progress through high school. Career and college information are presented through classroom lessons and grade level parent nights, which are coordinated by the counselors. In addition, the counselors provide crisis intervention and social and emotional support.

Last Names: A-Cl

Last Names: Co-Go

Last Names: Gr-Le

Last Names: Li-Oz

Last Names: Pa-Sh

Last Names: Si-Z

Angela Young

Taylor Tsang

Tiffany Adams

Shanti Lunsford

Jami Orlowski

Christa Schulz


Welcome to Trabuco and GO BLUE!