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Future Ready

THHS Future Ready: October 10th - 12th

THHS Future Ready 2022

The Trabuco Hills High School Guidance Team is happy to announce that we will be hosting a college application event in partnership with OCDE! 

Our seniors will have the opportunity to take part in our Future Ready campaign taking place during the school day on October 10th and October 12th. This event is designed to help both seniors and parents through the college application process and will hopefully ease some of the stress that comes along with it!

During this event, all seniors will be walked through the Saddleback application process and get help on starting their financial aid applications!  That means that all seniors will have started the Promise Program initial steps, whether it is their 1st choice or their back up choice! YAY!!!!!

To be most adequately prepared for these applications, it will be helpful for them to complete a CCC Apply Account and FSA ID. The FSA ID will be needed to start and sign the FAFSA. Both students and parents should have an FSA ID! An FSA ID will not be needed for the CADA.

Remember!!! Money for college comes in many forms! In addition to state and federal financial aid, your senior may qualify to receive one or more college/university-specific scholarships, grants or more! Filing a financial aid application is the first step toward college success and opens the door to so much opportunity!