College & Career Counseling


Concurrent College Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to take college courses. High School may be eligible to enroll at Saddleback Community College (SCC) and Irvine Valley College (IVC). Please check SCC and IVC for a list of courses. Enrollment fees are waived for concurrently enrolled students in grades 9-12 but students are responsible for payment of the nonresident tuition, student health fee, material fees, and parking fee, if applicable.

Students must complete the following steps to enroll:
  1. Complete the online application for the prospective community college. (IMPORTANT – write down your username, password, student ID number, and PIN, you will need this information to complete the registration process.
  2. Complete and return the K-12 Admission Request form to the THHS Guidance Office. (You will need your ID to complete this form.)
  3. Register for the course. (You will need your student ID number and PIN number to register.)
  4. Purchase the required class materials.

Counseling 100

Course Description

Counseling 100 is a college course taught by a Saddleback Community College instructor on the THHS campus. Students will earn 5 elective credits toward high school graduation and 1.5 college credits. The course is designed to introduce students to college and life success skills. This course is primarily focuses on the attitudes, habits, and behaviors of successful college students. Students will learn proven strategies for creating academic and personal success. Topics include understanding and utilizing college resources, and communication with faculty, support staff and fellow students.

The class will meet every Thursday, 1:00 P.M. - 2:35 P.M. 

Counseling 100 is designed to introduce students to college and life success skills. This course is primarily focuses on the attitudes, habits, and behaviors of successful college students. Students will learn proven strategies for creating academic and personal success. Topics include understanding and utilizing college resources, and communication with faculty, support staff and fellow students.

Registration Steps

Students must complete the following steps to enroll in Counseling 100:

1. Complete the Counseling 100 Student Interest Form.

2. Complete the online application to Saddleback College:

Complete the Saddleback College online application. You will be asked to create a username and password. After you apply you will receive your Saddleback student ID. (IMPORTANT – write down your username, password, SCC student ID number, and PIN, you will need this information to complete the registration process.)

3. Complete and return the K-12 Admission Request form:

Turn the form into your Guidance Counselor by Tuesday, November 8. (You will need your seven-digit Saddleback ID to complete this form.)

4. Take the Matriculation Test:

The Saddleback College Matriculation Assessment will be administered in the THHS MPR on Tuesday, November 15 @ 1:00 P.M. The assessment will take approximately three hours to complete. You will need to bring your SCC student ID number, a photo ID, and a #2 pencil. If you cannot attend the Matriculation Testing at THHS, you will need to take the Matriculation Assessment at SCC before the end of December.

5. Complete the SCC Online Orientation, Online Advisement, and Educational Plan:

All three can be accessed online at the Saddleback College portal called Mysite and must be completed BEFORE you register for the course (step 5).

6. Register for the Counseling 100 course:

You will need your SCC student ID number and four-digit PIN number to register. (If you forgot your PIN, login to the SCC MySite and click, “forgot my PIN”.) A Saddleback College Representative will be in the THHS Career Center on Wednesday, December 7 @ 1:00 P.M. to assist THHS students with class registration.

7. Purchase the textbook prior to the first day of class:

  • Purchase the required textbook at the Saddleback College Bookstore
    • Cost for new book $50.00
    • Cost for used book $37.50
    • Rent for $18.50
  • Purchase your assessment packet (cost TBD) in the Career Center at Saddleback College (Located in the Student Services Center) or from the course instructor.

8. Attend the Counseling 100 course at Trabuco Hills High School.

The class meets every Thursday, 1:00 P.M. – 2:35 P.M. 

Letters of Recommendation

We would be pleased to write a letter of recommendation, but we need your help to complete the process. Please follow these guidelines and allow four weeks lead time prior to the deadline for this process to be completed. Before any letter will be written by the COUNSELOR/ADMINISTRATOR, you will receive an overview of the procedures in your senior Social Science class [Econ/Civics/Gov’t] by the Counseling Department. You will then need to make an appointment with your assigned letter writter to discuss your plans and provide the items indicated. Lack of providing the requested information or proper preparation may result in significant delays.


Name Email Student (Last Name)
Mr. Craig Collins, Principal A - Bo
Ms. Kathy Granite, Counselor Br - El
Ms. Amanda Bentley, Asst. Principal Em - G and all IB students
Ms. Emily Alvarez, Counselor H - Le
Mr. Daryl Beck, Asst. Principal Li - M
Mr. Brett Bladh, Counselor N - Ri
Ms. Christa Schulz, Counselor Ro - Tr
Mr. Matt Rainwater, Asst. Principal Tu - Z

Letters of Recommendation Guidelines

  • College List [Form #1 Cover Sheet]—Complete the list of colleges you will be applying to utilizing the Common Application process, mailed applications or on-line recommendations along with their deadlines to your letter writer. When using the Common Application process, you must use the e-mail addresses provided above. Mailed recommendations require the secondary school report form be given to your letter writer along with an addressed envelope with two stamps.
  • Student Questionnaire [Form #2: Personal Input] – Complete this form with as much detailed information as possible.
  • Academic Resume [Form #3: Academic Resume]—Create a resume covering your academics, extracurricular activities, honors and recognitions.
  • Teacher input Sheets [Form #4 Teacher Input] – Select four to five teachers that know your academic strengths and that can provide anecdotal information to your letter writer. Specifics will be included in this letter so it is imperative that you do not give a Teacher Input Sheet to any instructor you have asked to write you a Teacher Letter of Recommendation directly to a campus. This will cause duplication of information and weaken the value of both letters.

Letter Request from TEACHERS: Teachers will not complete a letter of recommendation without you first asking them if they would be able to perform this task. Three-four weeks advance notice is required for them as well. Submit to them the following items.  Form 1: Cover Sheet  Form 2: Personal Input  Form 3: Academic Resume

Transcripts: Remember, it is your responsibility to submit your transcript to the universities to which you are applying via parchment.


College Fair Information

 SVUSD College Fair, to be held in the THHS Gym on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 6:30 PM.

College Fair Information


Letter of Recommendation Form

Schedule of College Visits 2019-2020

  October 2019  

     College Visit Schedule

Tues. 10/1                   High Point University                            Snack

Tues. 10/1                   Grand Canyon University                       Snack

Tues. 10/1                   Biola University                                     Lunch

Wed. 10/2                   Arizona State University                      Snack

Wed. 10/2                   University of Missouri                           Snack

Thurs. 10/3                 University of Oklahoma                         Snack

Thurs. 10/3                 Ohio State University                           Lunch

Fri. 10/4                      Trinity University                                  Snack

Fri. 10/4                      Stanislaus State University                  Snack

Fri. 10/4                      St. Lawrence University                        Lunch

Tues. 10/8                   Baylor University                                   Snack

Tues. 10/8                   Azusa Pacific University                       Snack

Tues. 10/8                   Montana State University                     Lunch

Thurs. 10/10               Chapman University                               Snack

Fri. 10/11                     Washington University St. Louis           Lunch

Tues. 10/15                 Point Loma Nazarene University           Snack

Tues. 10/15                 Hillsdale College                                     Lunch

Wed. 10/16                 University of Florida                             Snack

Wed. 10/16                 Boston University                                  Snack

Thurs. 10/17               University of Massachusetts Lowell     Lunch

Tues. 10/22                Paul Mitchell the School                        Snack

Thurs. 10/24               Northern Arizona University                Snack

Fri. 10/25                   University of Alabama                           Snack

Tues. 10/29                University of San Diego                        Snack

Wed. 10/30                 University of Iowa                                 Snack



All College visits will take place in the Career Center

Cal Grant Information

Financial Aid Presentation

Cash for College Seminar

Senior Parent Night


Senior Parent Night Presentation

Trabuco Hills High School

Presented by:

Christa Schulz and Kathy Granite,

School Counselors

ROP Career Specialist


Senior Parent Night is for all seniors and their parents.

The program will include the following topics:

Career Trends and Majors

Post-graduation Options

Information about college admissions criteria

Admissions testing and placement testing

College applications

Letters of Recommendation



Freshman Parent Night