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Smartphone or Yearbook: The Choice Isn’t as Easy as You Think 

Social media makes it easy for students to capture and share memories, so it seems like a no-brainer that a smartphone would be a better long-term investment than a yearbook. 

After all, students spend a majority of their free time taking pictures, sharing them with friends and family, and scrolling through pages and pages of digital content each day. So, what could a yearbook offer that a smartphone and social media lack? 

A story and ink.

In fact, a story of Trabuco Hills High School, told by the students. It’s a story that will never require software upgrades and frankly, is ten-times more likely to outlast even the smartest of smartphones. 

There’s something magical about cracking open a yearbook years from now and running your fingers over the colorful photos and stories. Each page is a mini time-capsule that doesn’t have to be buried and uncovered every 25 years. It’s also most certainly going to be sitting on your bookshelf 60 years from now, long after your current cell phone has been decaying in the local landfill. Printed in ink that never loses its charge, a yearbook also includes irreplaceable, personal messages in the ink of those with whom the Mustang experience was cherished and shared. 

A yearbook is filled with memories and photos that in 15, 20, or 35 years from now can almost guaranteed to make you smile and look back fondly at your time at Trabuco Hills. 

And trust us, you’ll have deleted those photos from your phone years before. 

Own a piece of Trabuco Hills history. Buy a yearbook.