Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

Winter Formal

Trabuco Hills High School

“Star Wars”  

2023 Winter Formal Dance 

Thursday January 26, 2022 from 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm  

AV Venue

16500 Scientific Way, Irvine, California 92618

Student ID Card Required

***Tickets for THHS students only will remain online at the high price as noted below.


Prices – Friday January 6th, 2023 - Monday January 16th, 2023 (Monday January 16th Holiday - No School) 

** $ 80.00 individually with THHS ASB ** $ 90.00 individually without THHS ASB

** $ 95.00 Non-THHS Student

Prices – Tuesday January 17th, 2023 - Wednesday January 25th, 2023

** $ 85.00 individually with THHS ASB ** $ 95.00 individually without THHS ASB

** $ 100.00 Non-THHS Student

Final Day Price Increase – Thursday January 26th, 2023 @ 1:30 pm (Minimum Day - No Lunch)

*** $110.00 individually with or without ASB and Guest.


    Tickets will NOT be sold at the door!

    Student ID Cards are required for entrance into the dance. This is your Ticket!

All persons adhere to the following rules, including those over the age of 18. 

Please note: THHS administration reserves the right to turn anyone away due to inappropriate dress.  ie. shorts, midriffs, too revealing, etc.


  • Tickets for all major dances are sold in the Student Store as well as on the Trabuco High School Web Store online. 

  • Ticket prices vary depending on whether or not a student has purchased an ASB card and when the ticket is purchased.

  • Students must have a valid student ID card when they purchase their tickets and at the dance. 

  • If students are bringing a guest from outside of Trabuco Hills High School, they will need to submit a separate behavioral contract/permission slip when the tickets are being purchased. This permission slip will be made available for dances that allow guests, and must be completed by their high school with an official signature and business card. 

  • THHS Students who have been placed on the Loss of Privileges list cannot purchase a ticket to the dance until they have been removed from the list by the discipline office.  List will be posted in the student store and the discipline office.

  • Any non-THHS student attending the dance must attach a copy of their ID, either a driver’s license or school picture ID to the permission slip.  Please note: Age limit 20 years or younger, (No middle school students).  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Non-THHS students must have a photo ID at the dance to be admitted.

  • NO refunds after purchase of a ticket.

  • Trading or selling tickets is not allowed.  


  • Admittance/attendance is subject to Trabuco Hills High School Administration approval. 

  • Attendance at Trabuco Hills dances is a privilege, and not a right, which may be revoked for lack of responsibility at school including, but not limited to: unpaid fines, students with current suspended/expulsion contracts and/or any behavioral contracts, or have lost privileges due to 6 or more demerits and/or attendance.

  • Guests will only be admitted if they are with the THHS student who sponsored them.

  • Students or guests who leave during the dance will not be readmitted. 



  • All school rules and regulations are enforced during any school event including dances.  

  • All THHS students must show ID card at time of purchase and must show ID at the dance. THHS Student ID replacements cards $10.00 available in the student store during snack or lunch only (M-F) 

  • All attendees may be subject to random alcohol/drug screening test given by the Trabuco Hills High School Administration. In addition, any student or guest showing observable signs of using alcohol or any controlled or illegal substance will be subject to an alcohol/drug screening test and removed from the dance by the Administration.  The OC Sheriff’s Dept., or local police agency, as well as the parents will be notified. (Education Code 48900(c) & 48900(s) prohibits the use/possession of alcohol, intoxicants and controlled substances at school, on the way to/from school or at any school related activity)

  • All students and their guests may be checked by security for weapons, illegal or controlled substances prior to entry of the dance area. Any student or guest who refuses to be checked will be denied entry. Vehicles are subject to be searched. 

  • Students who purchase tickets are required to inform their guests of all contract rules.  Guests are required to abide by all school rules and the terms of this contract.  Any student or guest exhibiting disruptive behavior will be removed from the dance and the student/guest will be released to the Trabuco students’ parent or police if parent(s) cannot be reached.  The Trabuco Hills High School student will be held accountable for the behavior of their guest.  STUDENTS AND GUESTS REMOVED/DENIED ENTRY WILL NOT BE GIVEN ANY REFUNDS.

  • No student or guest will be allowed to leave the dance until an hour before the dance ends, unless prior arrangements have been approved by administration.  

  • DO NOT BRING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING TO A DANCE: Gels, liquids, aerosols, lanyards, perfume, gum, food, mints, lipstick and chapstick. Leave these items in the car or limo (these items will be confiscated at the dance).  



  • No dancing such as freaking, moshing, or slamming will be permitted. 

  • No back to front dancing, bending over, no leg or hip riding, both feet must be on the floor, no crowd surfing, no carrying students on shoulders, and any other inappropriate dancing deemed by the Administration. 

  • NOTE:  Violation of the dancing policy will consist of immediate removal from the dance and students who violate any school rule or the terms of this contract will be disciplined according to the district and school policy.

  • No reimbursement or refund will be given when asked to leave the dance for not following this agreement.


All school rules and regulations are enforced during all school events.  Smoking/vaping at school events is prohibited.  The policy of Saddleback Valley Unified School District about alcohol, drugs, and narcotics is:

Any student of the Saddleback Valley Unified School District for whom there is reasonable cause to suspect the possession or use of, or being under the influence of, alcohol, drugs, or narcotics on school premises, or during school-related activities, or any student for whom there is reasonable cause to suspect the selling or furnishing of alcohol, drugs, or narcotics or substances represented to be alcohol, drugs, or narcotics to other students on school promises, or during school-related activities, or at any time or place to students which eventually relates to school or its activities, shall be immediately suspended from school and all school activities pending the outcome of the subsequent investigation and shall be mandatorily recommended to the Board of Education for expulsion from the Saddleback Valley USD” (Board Policy 5131.6)


  • Semi-formal attire is required for the Homecoming and Winter Formal Dances. Suggested attire includes semi-formal dresses and collared shirts and slacks.  Students must wear shoes at all times.

  • Masks may be required depending on CDC guidelines

  • Violations may result in non-admittance. If dress code violations occur after admittance, student/attendee may be removed from the dance.  If any attendee has a question about the appropriateness of their dress, please consult with an Administrator prior to the event.


  • Tickets are non-transferable.  Only the student and/or guest on this permission slip will be allowed entry into the dance.

  • Doors will be closed promptly 1 ½ hours after dance start time. No late admissions after doors have been closed unless prior arrangements have been made with the Activities Director.

  • Students will not be allowed to leave the dance until 1 hour prior to end time without parent permission.

  • Administration has the right to cancel or shorten dance at any time for the safety of our students.


Turn in Signed Permission Slip - Only For Non-THHS Student Guest 

Guest tickets can only be purchased in the student store (Snack and Lunch Only).  Guest Tickets will not be sold at the Dance.

Must attach a photocopy of the guest ID card and No Checks.