Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

Mustangs of the Month

Student of the Month

Allison is self-motivated and disciplined. She demonstrates these attributes everyday in class. She shows that she can also lead in partner and group work. She gives 100% into everything she does. She is patient and persistent and it shows in her results. I am indeed fortunate to have Allison in my AP-CSP class.


This month's CTE Department honoree, Kayla Kajar is a student in our Careers in Education class. Kayla is currently exploring the opportunity to become a teacher by receiving early school to career-based training! As a Careers in Ed student, Kayla has been very inspirational in creating lessons that come to life and that meet many of the California T.P.E.'s (Teacher Performance Expectations). She comes from a family of teachers, will be serving as a student mentor for Careers in Ed next semester, and is truly a candidate that represents all that is beholden of a future California Credentialed teacher! Congratulations, Kayla! Mrs. Osborne nominated Kayla.

CTE Student of the Month


Ryan is an outstanding example of a hard-working scholar-athlete who manages to meet the responsibilities, goals, and objectives of my Sports Medicine class! His leadership is exhibited by how he conducts himself in the classroom, around faculty, and peers. Although quiet, he has been taking full advantage of exploring career opportunities as demonstrated through his work in Sports Medicine. It is a great pleasure to honor Ryan Ascencio as this month's CTE student of the month. Mr. Osborne nominated Ryan.


Gabby has been a part of the advanced film production program for 3 years. She has always pushed herself to be a great leader, film maker and student. Gabby is lead director of this year’s Disney Project known as Gift of History. There is no doubt she will be a huge success in the years to come as she heads off to college and industry. Mr. Taylor nominated Gabby.


Paloma Sandoval is an ROP Computerized Accounting student at THHS. Accounting is like learning a new language but as she said to me: "Put forth the time and effort and you will do very well." These aren't just words, she owns it. She is a member of the Spanish Honor Society and a student aide. She wants to attend a local college and become an elementary school teacher. She takes business oriented classes and volunteers, too. She is helpful and attentive, a team player but also works hard independently. She is setting herself up to enter the next phase of her life with the appropriate tools and attitudes to promote success. It is inspiring. Mr. Mandelbaum nominated her.


Student of the Month

Juliette is a dedicated, diligent, and conscientious student! She is participatory in all small group and class discussions and consistently volunteers to share her writing to serve as an example--whether right or wrong--in order to receive additional feedback and constructive comments for improvement. Juliette is recognized and commended for her hard work, academic risk-taking, and participation in the English 1 Honors/IB. Keep up the exceptional work, Juliette!


Drake is a hard working student, he comes to class prepared, participates in discussions and produces quality work!


Noah isn't afraid to ask questions or conduct independent research to acquire additional knowledge, Noah is a mature and determined scholar who sincerely embraces his journey for academic excellence. Mrs. Holmes nominated Noah.


He is pleasure to have in class, an invaluable participant in group discussions, a hard-working student, and a wonderful role model for his peers.Casey Anno is an outstanding, motivated, and compassionate leader. She has demonstrated her brilliance and mastery of the subject matter in United States History as she is currently earning 100%. Yes, that is an (A+)! Furthermore, Casey is very kind, respectful and compassionate while helping other students. She listens to the concerns that others may have, and always has time in her heart to help them. Her leadership skills enhance the learning environment of our class as a whole. Congratulations Casey! You are THHS Student of the Month for United States History! Mr. Ault nominated Casey.


Hayley is an outstanding writer and reader. She works diligently to maintain stellar status in Mr. Kelly's class. Mr. Kelly nominated Hayley.