Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

Mustangs of the Month

Bela leads all the peer tutors by organizing them and encouraging them to help students individually. Bela recognized early on, when we talked about how important those actions are in this class, which students needed extra assistance and/or mentoring. Bela talks to students individually and with care for them; she does not let their excuses deter her, nor act too harshly when working with them.

Mr. Bosy nominated Bela.

Bela Ucio


Saloni Singh is an exceptional student at Trabuco Hills. She has been involved in sports, academics, and extracurricular activities throughout her four years at Trabuco. As a multi-sport athlete, Saloni has played volleyball and run track since her freshman year. She has been on the varsity volleyball team since her junior year, and competes in long and triple jump in track. Saloni is a scholar athlete and is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. She is a hard worker, exhibiting strength and persistence through her hard work. She is a star student because of her ability to balance school, sports, and being a teenager and hanging out with friends. Saloni is also a member of the French Club where she serves on the board, and where she grows in her knowledge of other cultures and languages. Saloni Singh is an exceptional student because of her ability to maintain balance while working hard in everything she does.


Student of the Month

In my AP Computer Science class, Tyler has become an invaluable asset. He is extremely conscientious and takes great pride in his work. In class, he is patient and generous as he takes the time to help his peers. He has also taken on the leadership role for the THHS Cyber Patriot Teams. He is helpful to all teams, not just his own. Tyler is an extraordinary role model and I know that with his skills and hard work he will achieve great success.

Tyler was nominated by Ms. Kerawalla.

Student of the Month


Carlee was nominated to be the English Department’s Student of the Month because she is an outstanding writer and a critical thinker.

Mr. Kelly nominated Carlee.

Student of the Month

Shail Patel was nominated as the Mathematics Department Student of the Month because he is a very gifted geometry student and is doing fantastic work.

Mr. Brouwer nominated Shail.



Student of the Month

Kayla was chosen as the Film and Television Production student of the month because of her hard work. In addition to her work ethic, she is caring, respectful, and trustworthy.

Kayla was nominated by Mr. Taylor.

Student of the Month








Student of the Month

osh Elmer is doing a great job. He aced the Chapter 5 and 6 Tests. He is patient in a class full of noise and distractions.

Mr. Hollaway nominated Josh



Student of the Month

Shannon Beall

Shannon Beall is one of the highest scoring AP Chemistry students this year. She is hardworking, intelligent, and humble. She is a leader among her peers and willing to help others. Shannon is a model Mustang Student...Go Blue!!!

Ms. Gaines nominated Shannon.


I strongly recommend Susan Anderson for Student of the Month for Social Science. She is an excellent student and is currently earning an “A-” in United States History. Susan is very helpful, kind, and respectful to others in class. Susan leads by example. She has demonstrated her leadership abilities by assisting, encouraging, and helping other students succeed during collaborative settings. Susan is also active in extracurricular activities here at THHS! She is a member of the THHS Mock Trial program, as they currently continue to compete against other schools. Furthermore, Susan is highly involved in THHS Drama. As you can see, Susan has had a positive impact on many of us here at THHS, and we are very thankful for her great effort and accomplishments.

Mr. Ault nominated Susan.

Student of the Month

Sage Taber is taking AP Studio Art and is in her 4th year of our art program. Sage has a very strong work ethic, amazing technical skill, and is fully committed to the creative process from concept to completion. She also has received some of the highest recognition in local and national art shows and contests. She is currently president of our THHS Art Club and is an excellent leader. It is a pleasure to foster the artistic growth of such an exceptional student like Sage.

Mr. Berry nominated Sage.