Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

Mustangs of the Month



Luke is very engaging, supportive and amazing! He participates in the class and interacts with the kids on a great level. Luke is AMAZING! I have absolutely loved having him in class. He is so engaged, helpful, thoughtful, kind, caring, intelligent, respectful….! He is one of a kind! It is rare when the students are able to make such a genuine connection with a peer mentor on many levels. Everyone loved him and we were all very sad to lose him at the end of the semester. He is a beacon of light and leadership.

Ms. McClure nominated Luke

Student of the Month

The CTE Engineering Student of the Month for April is Scotty McNew. As a Junior, Scotty will have completed 3 years of the Engineering program and 3 semesters of the Manufacturing program. He plans on taking Engineering 4 next year. Upon completing Engineering 4 he will have taken all the Engineering courses that Trabuco Hills High School has to offer. His eagerness to learn is outstanding along with his willingness to teach others. Congratulations, Scotty.

Mr. Ureno nominated Scotty.

Student of the Month


Skyla is an absolute pleasure to have in class. She is always engaged and participates with insightful discussion. What stands out to me especially is her kind, genuine nature – always offering to help out others. Students like Skyla are why I love this job so much

Mrs. Schwengel nominated Skyla.

Student of the Month

Justin Bennett is a senior who is earning 100% in stats. He is a pleasure to have in class. Justin is always willing to assist other students and is well liked by his classmates. Mr. Brouwer nominated Justin


Student of the Month

Kayla was chosen as the Film and Television Production student of the month because of her hard work. In addition to her work ethic, she is caring, respectful, and trustworthy.

Kayla was nominated by Mr. Taylor.

Student of the Month


Christina works very hard. She is very focused and trustworthy. She is polite and friendly to everyone. It is a pleasure to have her in our Spanish class!

Mrs. Garcia nominated Christina


Student of the Month



Ricky is always upbeat, pleasant, and has great questions. He is a hard worker, eager to learn, and very kind to everyone. He will make a fabulous doctor one day.

Ms. O’Gara nominated Ricky


Student of the Month


Lara never needs to “active playoff mode” in physics class. Lara is ALWAYS working hard in the lab and on her homework.

P.S. She also plays defense.

Mr. Kroeger nominated Lara.



I’d like to nominate Calynn McInerney as the Economics Student of the Month. Calynn has been an active leader among her classmates throughout the semester. She’s been dependable helping others and has been committed to academic excellence. Recently, she demonstrated her enterprising skills by having student-investors back her entrepreneurial product with a complete and detailed business plan.

Calynn was nominated by Mr. Mock

Student of the Month

Sage Taber is taking AP Studio Art and is in her 4th year of our art program. Sage has a very strong work ethic, amazing technical skill, and is fully committed to the creative process from concept to completion. She also has received some of the highest recognition in local and national art shows and contests. She is currently president of our THHS Art Club and is an excellent leader. It is a pleasure to foster the artistic growth of such an exceptional student like Sage.

Mr. Berry nominated Sage.