Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

Lip Dub

Lip Dub 2018-2019: March 14th

❖ A school-wide music video that is a mixture of lip syncing and audio dubbing


➢ Unification of classes

➢ Showcasing of extracurricular activities

➢ Builds school spirit

Plans For Filming Day on March 14th

❖ 4a/4b assembly schedule

❖ Class during 4a, at the end of 4a, teachers explain what will happen during 4b

❖ Sports can change into uniforms during snack

❖ Everyone not previously talked to will wear their Mustang Country shirt

❖ EVERYONE will be participating in the lip dub whether they are representing their sport or on the field wearing their mustang country shirt

❖ If you are in an activity, please choose to represent that activity rather than going to the field

Important Information 

❖ After main course (ends near the 300 building)

➢ everyone will move to the field for ending drone shot over the school

❖ Once everyone is in their locations,

➢ ASB will be handing out confetti and necklaces to make the video spirited

❖ Camera

➢ wait for the camera to come into your area before throwing confetti or decorations

➢ When it comes into your section be as spirited and excited as possible

❖ Each extracurricular activity has a representative from ASB that will direct them on the filming day

❖ Please go to your captain or president for further instructions on what you individually will need to do for your activity in the video

❖ If any of this is confusing at all please do not hesitate ask any ASB member