Graduation Regalia

Seniors - Jostens will be on campus Thursday December 7 during break to collect cap and gown orders. This will be the 3rd and final time.

You can also order online at,1,_izQ1R-lx0iUEGuvC9djZsdIHt7675N9tEedWfwmJn7zJ14128SrCWL8e_bb1IQSFAkPSdPvsjZDYWtKbL-mv3IIDhoDfz2DO3V0YtIQimg,&typo=1 or over the phone at 800.JOSTENS.

If we do not have your order, you will not have a gown. Please place your order by December 15.

Lei. If you purchased a lei for your student, please pick it up on your way into the stadium and hold onto it until after the ceremony. Students typically just wear them for photos.

Cords/ Sashes. Only school sponsored groups with the approval from administration can where cords or sashes.