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About CSF
California Scholarship Federation is a statewide organization dedicated to recognizing students with records of community service and academic achievement. By promoting high standards of scholarship and service, CSF rewards seal bearing members with a sash and tassel on the day of their graduation.


THHS CSF Website

Interested in applying for CSF? 

Application week for CSF Membership is February 1 - February 5.
Freshmen may NOT apply first semester since they have no Trabuco Hills grades yet. Freshmen MAY apply second semester. Just fill out form using your semester grades from last spring and follow all the instructions below. Seniors who want seal bearer recognition need 4 CSF semester with one of them using SENIOR grades (note: Fall membership uses grades from Junior year)

To apply for CSF, please complete the following steps:

  1. Please obtain an unofficial transcript from Parchment
  2. Log on to the THHS Web Store and purchase the CSF semester membership. Membership dues are $5 per semester. Be sure to check your classes with Lists I, II, and III to be sure you qualify for membership before purchasing, and don't forget to print out your receipt!
  3. Go to the CSF Google Classroom-Code: ly66a4x
  4. CSF Membership application is found under the classwork tab.

Note that you must reapply for every semester that you wish to qualify. Members who wish to receive Seal Bearer status (and will have a chance to purchase the CSF sash and tassel senior year) must have been active in CSF for at least 4 semesters, 1 of which must have been in senior year.

CSF Remind Codes