Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School


2018-2019 Clubs at THHS

Service Clubs


Club Advisor President Meeting Date Time Room
American Red Cross  Tombelson G. Hafen Biweekly-Thu Lunch MPR
Angel Heart Camiling J. Chu First Tue of Month Lunch 320
CSF Rezner J. Reyes Biweekly-Wed Lunch MPR
Feeding America Ault J. Amoss Last Wed of Month Lunch  
Interact Club Hamamura V. Nghiem Tue Lunch 322
A Touch of Love Holmes T. Bennett Biweekly-Fri Snack 531
Laura's House O'Gara S. Wahab Fri Lunch 327
Make-A-Wish Gaines R. Villanueva Biweekly-Tue Lunch 304
NHS Egge J. Lowe Biweekly-Wed Lunch MPR
Mustang Speaker Mock B. Der Matoinan First Wed of Month Snack 607
Spanish Honors Society Connelly A. Castillo Biweekly-Thu Lunch 103
Team Zissou Clemons N. Schreiber Biweekly-Wed Lunch 137
THHS Girl Up Janardan A. Pillai Biweekly-Thu Lunch 120
Surf Rider Foundation Kelly S. Chou First Fri of Month Lunch 511
Cancer Comfort - YANA Camiling K. Grabiec Biweekly-Fri Lunch 320
Orchestra Outreach Julian E. Ord Monthly Tue Snack 201

Curricular Clubs

Club Advisor President Meeting Date Time Room

Aerospace Club

Kroeger H. Nguyen
A. Schecter
BiWeekly-Tuesday Lunch 134
Unified Sports Johnson P. Price Tuesday Lunch Gym/Field
AP Euro /AP Hug Club Casserly
S. Trinh Monthly-Friday Lunch 830
Art Club Berry S. Taber BiWeekly-Friday Lunch 309
Best Buddies Johnson R. Ogborn Weekly-Thursday Lunch 305
Cardiac Biology Club McDermit A. Rakheja Monthly-Tuesday Lunch 403
Ceramics Club Fait K. Spagnuolo TBD TBD 311
Choir Club Haro R. Allen Weekly-Tuesday 3:30-4:30 245
Computer Graphics Fanelli B. Hsu Weekly-Tuesday Lunch 301
Creative Writing Club Llamas A. Thayer Weekly-Thursday Lunch 534
ELAC Club Gaggiano L. Araujo Weekly-Wednesday Lunch 522
Entrepreneurial Coding Club Kerawalla S. Louis BiWeekly-Thursday Lunch 121
French Club Kinney
K. Heinzman Twice Yearly Lunch 107
French Honors Society Kinney
P. Hanoka Twice in March Lunch 107
IB CAS Stordahl S. Trinh Monthly-Friday Lunch 821
International Diplomacy Casserly K. Smith Monthly-Tuesday Lunch 830
international Marketing & Business Club Woods E. Thompson BiWeekly-Wednesday Lunch 803
Marine Biology Club Folmar K. Patla Bi-Monthly-Wednesday Snack 401
Med Sci Brothwell A. Rand BiWeekly-Thursday Lunch 503
Mock Trial Spangler J. Wang
L. Wilens
3:02 536
MUN Brothwell V. Nair
A. Verma
Weekly-Friday 3:30 503
Mu Alpha Theta Dekofsky A. Verma BiWeekly-Thursday Lunch 111
Mustang Speakers Mock B. Dermatoien Monthly-Wednesday Lunch 607
National German Honor Society Noroozi D. Hoppe TBD TBD 104
OCAD Spangler S. Beall Weekly M/T/W/Th M 1-3
PAL Stewart L. Karimi Monthly-Wednesday Lunch 535
Physics and Natural Science Club Hamamura K. Orr Weekly-Tuesday Lunch 324
Rho Kappa Lotito-Byers J. Fox BiWeekly-Wednesday Lunch 306
Robotics Club Ureno TBD Weekly-Wednesday Lunch 302
Science Fair Club Mitthof I. Suzer Monthly-Friday Lunch MPR
Science Olympiad Camiling R. Togashi BiWeekly-Friday Lunch 320
Society of Biomedical Engineers Eichenberg J. Abdallah Monthly-Wednesday Lunch 326
Spanish Honor Society Connelly E. Velarde BiWeekly - Tue Lunch 103
Spanish Club Smith A. Rand
J. Wong
Weekly-Friday Lunch 106

Non-Curricular Clubs

Club Advisor President Meeting Date Time Room

Ahead of the Game

Connely M. Joemon Monthly-Thursday Lunch 103
Boating Club Woods K. Kong Monthly-Thursday Snack 604
Bollywood Dancing Casserly A. Marrs BiMonthly-Wednesday Lunch 803
Chess Club Ault J. Montgomery Weekly-Friday Lunch 531
Church of Yeezus Schwengel K. Bao Monthly-1st Tuesday Lunch 322
Club Alpha Fitness McHalel A. Scheinhilber BiWeekly-Wednesday Lunch 137
College and Career Clemons J. Moncur BiWeekly-Tuesday Lunch 502
Cookies and Christ Ault D. Johnson Monthly-Wednesday Lunch 110
Cultural Intercommunication Coalition Loncono K. Zhang Monthly-Tuesday Lunch 535
Doki Doki Literature Bosy R. Elsarrag Monthly-Thursday Lunch 100
Empowering the Voiceless Haro C. Hurd Weekly-Monday Snack MPR
Essential Oils Casserly J. Carden Monthly-Tuesday Lunch 506
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Brouwer A. Edwards
S. Rydeski
BiWeekly-Tuesdsay Lunch MPR
FIDM Fashion Club Erskine T. English Biweekly-Friday Lunch 201
Gay-Straight Alliance Holmes E. Ceja Monthly-Friday Lunch 324
High Adventure Heppenstall J. Pfeiler Monthly-Wednesday Lunch 830
Indian Club Stordahl K. Brase Biweekly-Friday Lunch MPR
Just Dance Club Holmes K. Urrvitta
M. Harvey
T. Ringer
Knitting Club Mullins M. Currie Monthly-Friday Snack 604
Lettuce Club Llamas R. Harvey BiWeekly-Wednesday Lunch 824
Locker Love Smith L. Callaham Monthly-Thursday Snack 531
Mecha Makers Clemons K. Durand Weekly-Friday Snack 308
Motive Dance Crew Finnerty S. Naicker Weekly-Tuesday Lunch 323
Music for Healing Julian R. Dawdle Weekly-Friday Lunch 523
Muslim Student Association Woods A. Bethurum BiWeekly-MWF Lunch 502
Natural Photography Holmes G. Witmer Monthly-Wednesday Lunch 531
Photography Club Kagel J. Phonsiri Monthly-Friday Lunch 309
Poetry and Guacamole Helmer R. Benito BiWeekly-Tuesday Lunch 529
Potato Club Haro V. Nghien Weekly-Thursday Lunch 529
Running Club Kelly L. de Guzman BiMonthly-Wednesday Snack 507
Smile More Club Schwengel T. Conra Weekly-Friday Lunch 516
Anime Club McHale N. Hiltbrand Monthly-Thursday Lunch 506
Otaku Club Daems A. Jaber Monthly-Thursday Lunch 829
The Popsicle Project Janardan J. Loew BiMonthly-Wednesday Snack 504
True North Christian Club Ahearn R. Desai BiMonthly-Wednesday Snack 119