Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

Course Selection 2020-2021

With the unexpected school dismissal a couple of weeks ago, we were stopped short of our registration process. Now our registration process will need to take place virtually. In order to access the registration forms, your student will need to be logged in to their @mysaddleback Google account. 

Incoming 9th Grade Students Information

This is your registration information for next year It is critical that you read all information carefully and follow directions closely.  

  1. Course Placement Letter Update
  2. Elective List
  3. 2020-2021 ROP Course List (Seniors and Juniors only)



     10th - 11th grade:           Course Selection Form (submitted electronically)

     11th -12th grade:            Course Selection Form (submitted electronically)                                              

Course Placement Letter

Previously, you received a course placement letter. Due to the school closures, the process has moved to an online form. If you have your original documents, they are no longer needed. You may dispose of them or save them for your records. 

Open Access & Course Placement

We have decided to move to an Open Access model for course level selection.  This means that you will have the option of choosing either College Prep or Honors/AP for each course.  

Elective Courses

You must have at least FIVE elective courses on the form. Use the elective list to find your desired classes. If FIVE electives are not listed, you might be placed in an elective that is not of your choosing. 

III.      Other Information

Minimum Number of Courses for Students

  • Seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of five classes; four must be on-campus THHS courses.
  • Freshman-Juniors must be enrolled in a minimum of six classes.

ROP – Registration for ROP courses that are outside of our bell schedule or not on our campus must be done through Mrs. Gandy, she can be reached at

Athletics and Special Programs

Once tryouts have taken place, coaches and advisors will provide rosters to guidance and students will be scheduled accordingly. 

Registration Date:  The deadline to submit the Course Selection Form for registration is  Wed April 8th.  I realize it is my responsibility to submit the form by the deadline. 

Please make sure to work with your student on this process. Again, they must be signed in to their @mysaddleback account before they can access the link to the registration forms provided above. Registration will be more challenging than usual, as we are all operating from different locations, but we will do our best to ensure that we are up and running for a smooth start to our new year, 2020-2021. 

We hope you are well and look forward to seeing our Mustangs again soon. Be healthy and stay well. Go BLUE!

Amanda Bentley

Assistant Principal, Guidance and Curriculum