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Advanced Placement Exams

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Taking the Advanced Placement exam is an important part of all AP courses. Trabuco Hills High

School desires that all students take AP exams for the AP classes that they have taken. Scoring well on an AP exam can often earn students college credit for their high school class, saving a significant amount on tuition.

For the 2024 AP exams, students at Trabuco Hills High School will be registering online.

Online Exam registration will begin on Mon, October 2, 2023 at 8:00 AM and end on Wed, Mar 6, 2024 at 11:59 PM.

The AP exam registration process has two steps, but both can be completed in one sitting when the student and parent/guardian do this together. Even if you do not plan to take the AP exam, you need to complete both steps to access the College Board’s AP resources.

Both steps must be completed in order to have an AP exam ordered.

Step 1:

Begin the process by registering with Total Registration. Indicate the AP courses you are taking this year and the exams you wish to take. You will receive your join codes and directions to complete the second required step. Any exam fees will be paid online so be sure to have a debit card or credit card available before beginning registration. Paying online is a great way to make sure that payment has been made while avoiding mailing payment.

Step 2:

Use the join codes provided at the completion of step one to enroll the student's AP courses and exams in the College Board's system.

Please note: both of the above steps must be completed in order to have an exam(s)ordered.

This year each AP exam costs $110.00. Trabuco Hills High School desires that every student be able to take their AP exams. Students requiring financial assistance should contact Kimberly Lindsay,, in the Guidance Office to learn more.

AP Exam Registration Timeline:

Oct 02, 2023 12:00 AM - Date and Time to begin registration

Nov 08, 2023 - REFUND POLICY: Date by which a student can receive a Full Refund (Classes that begin before mid-November)

Nov 08, 2023 11:59 PM - LATE FEE: Begin $40 per exam late fee for registrations for AP classes that begin before Nov 16, 2023 ( Full Year, 1st Semester, 1st or 2nd trimester, etc)

Mar 04, 2024 - REFUND POLICY: Date by which a student can receive a Full Refund (Classes that begin after mid-November)

Mar 08, 2024 - Final Payment Deadline

Mar 08, 2024 11:59 PM - Date and Time to end registration

May 24, 2024- REFUND POLICY: Date by which a student can receive a Partial Refund (Classes that begin after mid-November). The Cancellation Fee (amount to withhold for partial refunds) is $45.

AP exams registrations that are not fully paid by Friday, March 8, 2024 will be canceled and exams will not be ordered.

Week 1

Morning 8 a.m.
Local Time

Afternoon 12 p.m.
Local Time

May 6, 2024

United States Government and Politics

Art History


May 7, 2024

Human Geography




May 8, 2024

English Literature and Composition

Comparative Government and Politics

Computer Science A

May 9, 2024

Chinese Language and Culture

Environmental Science


May 10, 2024

European History

United States History


Spanish Literature and Culture

Art and Design: Friday, May 10, 2024 (8 p.m. ET), is the deadline for AP Art and Design students to submit their three portfolio components as final in the AP Digital Portfolio.


Week 2

Morning 8 a.m.
Local Time

Afternoon 12 p.m.
Local Time

Afternoon 2 p.m.
Local Time

May 13, 2024

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

Italian Language and Culture



May 14, 2024

English Language and Composition

African American Studies

Physics C: Mechanics

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

May 15, 2024

French Language and Culture

World History: Modern

Computer Science Principles

Music Theory


May 16, 2024

Spanish Language and Culture


Japanese Language and Culture


May 17, 2024

German Language and Culture

Physics 1: Algebra-Based


Physics 2: Algebra-Based