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Safe 2 Speak

safe 2 speak logoTrabuco Hills High School is committed to providing a safe, secure and healthy environment that allows every student to be learning in every classroom, in every subject, every day. At our high school, we tell our community that “if you see something, or know something, say something.” 

For emergencies, please call 911.

You may file a report using this SAFE 2 SPEAK online form. Other options include: calling the school 949-768-1934, emailing the THHS administrators or by reporting in person to the Supervision Office. When you file a report using the SAFE 2 SPEAK form, you can remain anonymous or you have the option to identify yourself and communicate with the THHS administration. The system requires you to be logged into a Gmail address to access the form.

Incident reports are received by administration when they are filed and are reviewed in a timely manner. All reports are investigated seriously and as each incident is different, each will warrant various timelines and review.

By submitting this online report, you declare that the enclosed statements are true and accurate to your knowledge. Any misuse of this reporting system will be reviewed by THHS administration and appropriate protocols will be taken.

Any files that are uploaded may be shared outside of the organization.

Safe 2 Speak Form