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Trabuco Hills High School

Principal's Message


Welcome Back Mustangs!


Dear Trabuco Hills Families,


Welcome back for the 2018-2019 school year.  I have a lot of great news to share with you so this letter may be a little longer than in past years.  First of all, congratulations for being the #1 high school in SVUSD! Just a few numbers to back that up:


    96.5% Graduation Rate (District Average = 93.0%)

    76.7% EL Graduation Rate (District Average = 73.0%)

92.3% SWD Graduation Rate (District Average = 73.6%)

95.5% SED Graduation Rate (District Average = 87.8%)

#1 in AP Exams Taken - 1,092

#1 AP Exams Passed - 868

#1 AP Percentage of Passed Exams - 79% (75% for District)

(Two year increase of 3% for AP: Exams Taken, Passed, and % Passed)


It is important to understand that not only have we increased our AP offerings and the number of students taking AP courses, we have increased our student performance at the same time. A wonderful testament to the hard work of ALL of our teachers to prepare students to this high level and building them up to be successful.  We also have done this while increasing the participation and pass rates in our IB program!


Not all of our successes came from the AP and IB students. We are also #1 in SVUSD in ELA and math scores. In English, we continue to lead the district, county, and State by a large margin and in math, we are #1 in the District and still ahead of State averages.


We have some new programs and classes at TH for the 2018-2019 school year. Our Computer Science class that started last year has expanded. We now have both “AP Computer Science A” and “Computer Science Principles AP.” In the Music Department, we have added “AP Music Theory” and another section of Choir. In science, we have eliminated Earth Science and Biology and we now offer Biology of the Living Earth. This is part of a district-wide movement to include the Earth Science standards into Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  The overall goal is to give our students all of the standards from four years of science in three years. This is a State-wide trend, referred to as NGSS or Next Generation Science Standards, and our science teachers are leading the way with innovative lessons and creative solutions. We are extremely proud of the work they have done.


Even though we are having success in virtually every facet of the school, we still recognize that we can do even better. This year our teachers will focus on our two goals that we began last year: Increased collaboration time, and Increased student talk in the classroom. We call these our Go Blue Strategies. While it might seem odd to have students talking in class as a goal, the idea is for students to be able to explain their thinking on how they arrived at an answer or an opinion. Students being able to listen and to explain their thinking are critical skills for college and career readiness. Another area that we will work to improve is our A-G completion rate. The A-G rate signifies the number of students that complete a rigorous course of study. This would include all of the graduation requirements with, at least, a “C.”  


Another area that we are going to work on improving this year is building relationships. There is ample research to show that students perform better when they feel they have a relationship with people at the school. It is equally healthy for the school personnel to have positive relationships with students. Our number one non-academic goal at THHS is for the school to be a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable place to work and go to school. We feel we have made great improvements in this area, but we can always be better.


I am looking forward to a successful and positive school year. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything.


Craig Collins
Principal, Trabuco Hills High School