Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

Principal's Message

Mustang Family,

As we move through the 2020-2021 school year, we continue to ensure our students are safe and receiving the best education we can offer. We have been operating in a hybrid learning environment since September, and continue to explore ways to ensure student success.

If you are new to the community, you may be wondering why you should enroll your student at THHS. The answer is simple...BALANCE - we do it all, and we do it all well.

Our goal is to help our families develop well rounded citizens; critical thinkers, leaders, artists, athletes, and community volunteers. We believe in offering diverse academic and extracurricular opportunities to serve the wide ranging interest of our students.

Trabuco Hills High School is a WASC-Accredited, California Distinguished School and a “National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.” The school has a dedicated, award-winning faculty and staff that provide a warm, caring environment for students and parents. Trabuco Hills has many recognized academic opportunities such a robust International Baccalaureate (IB) program and 23 Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  THHS students take more AP tests (Over 1,100 in 2019) and pass at a higher rate (81%) compared to the State average of 63.5%. These numbers make THHS one of the highest performing AP schools in the country.  Our honors, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Placement courses give our students the opportunities to excel in any area they choose. In addition to our IB, AP, and honors classes, we offered a wide range of courses to our students.

Programs in the arts and athletics also excel, such as our State Champion Marching Band, our award winning Orchestra and Drama programs, and our Painting and Ceramics students that have all won numerous awards and accolades.  There are numerous innovative programs such as the Medical Science and Health Institute (MedSci), Project Tomorrow Docent Science, ROP Careers in Education, Script Writing, and Cinematic Production. We have industry- standard equipment featured in our Video Production studio, CAD Engineering and Architecture studios and our Computer Graphics/Web-Design/Animation labs. All of these programs enrich our school, which stands among the top in the state in academic preparation. We are also always looking for ways to grow, improve, and find ways to support all students.

Trabuco also features unparalleled visual and performing arts programs and a fully functional library media center with exemplary research capabilities. Trabuco students have capitalized on the learning opportunities available and have brought recognition to the school by being a Silver Award winner from the Orange County Register. Trabuco Hills was listed 3 times in Newsweek’s National Top 1000 high schools, ranking 235th  in 2016. Our student’s enthusiasm and involvement in school activities has contributed greatly to Trabuco’s emergence as a nationally-recognized school. In the area of co-curricular activities, THHS has 25 varsity sports teams for both boys and girls.  We have the finest pep squad anywhere.

I am her to help students foster a genuine love of learning, which will lead to a lifetime of academic success. We are continuing to develop innovative ideas to affect student achievement and prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.

No matter what your passion we invite you to join the Mustang Herd, You’ll love the ride.


Alicia Foulk