Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


After further analysis of the recent CAL/OSHA and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) COVID-19 documents, I wanted to provide an update on SVUSD policies:

Self Attestation

Employees may complete a self-attestation using this link (if you completed a paper form this week, please resubmit via the link). By completing this attestation, the employee is self-attesting they are fully vaccinated. CDPH defines an individual as fully vaccinated when they received the second dose of a two-dose vaccine or first dose of a single-dose vaccine more than 2 weeks ago. 

Employee Face Masks

District Office:

SVUSD employees who are fully vaccinated and working at a non-educational facility may remove their face covering indoors once SVUSD has received a self-attestation that the employee is fully vaccinated.

School Sites:

CDPH guidelines for K12 schools require individuals working in a setting where school children are present must continue wearing a face covering. This would include sites conducting summer school, high school sites where students are present during the summer (due to athletic conditioning or coming to the site for business/activities during the day), sites hosting TLC or Kids Factory, or where students would be reasonably expected to be on campus during the day. Employees may remove their mask if they are in an office/room alone, and while actively eating or drinking. 

For sites without students present or reasonably expected to be present during the day, fully vaccinated employees who complete the self-attestation may remove their face covering.

Employees may remove face coverings outside; individuals not fully vaccinated should wear a face covering when they are within 6 feet of others.

At all school sites, pending further guidance from CAL/OSHA and CDPH, masks will be required beginning July 22, 2021.

Student Face Masks

Students are required to wear face coverings indoors. 

Outdoors students may remove face coverings.

2021-22 School Year

Protocols regarding the 2021-22 school year are forthcoming. The District is awaiting updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), CAL/OSHA, and California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Once guidance is published for the new school year, we’ll share the protocols with staff and the community.


Visitors will be asked two screening questions: 

  • In the last two weeks have you been in contact with anyone who is COVID-19 positive?
  • Do you currently have a cough, fever, nausea, runny nose, or body aches?

Visitors answering yes to either question will be asked to leave and conduct their visit via electronic means.

Visitors are required to wear a face covering at school sites.

Visitors at the District Office must wear face coverings until new CAL/OSHA guidance is released.

Board Meeting

While students are present for Board presentations, masks are required for all individuals. Once student presentations are completed and the Board President reads a statement regarding masks, fully vaccinated individuals may remove their masks.