24-Hour Attendance Hotline

(949) 460-2707

  • Call anytime day or night to clear an absence
  • Leave a message and be sure to include the following:
    • Student's Full Name
    • Grade
    • Dates or Periods of Absence
    • Specific Reason for Absence

Clearing An Absence

An absence can be cleared by:

  • A phone message received from a parent or guardian
  • Or a signed note from a parent or guardian

Students have 3 school days upon return from an absence to clear the absence.

The note or phone message must have the student’s full name, grade, and dates or periods of absence, and a specific reason for the absence.

Notes can be dropped off at the attendance office. If a phone call has not been received or a note supplied, the student will receive a truant pending a readmit.

Not Returning From Lunch

Juniors and Seniors who have the privilege to leave at lunch and do not return for 6th or 7th period:

  • A parent MUST call that day before 3:00pm to clear that absence or the student is considered truant.


When a student arrives late he/she must get a Plasco/Tardy slip.

Where to get a Plasco/Tardy slip:

  • A campus supervisor or
  • The Attendance Office

If a student arrives more than 30 minutes late, without a note, the student is considered tardy-truant and must pick up a readmit slip from the Attendance Office.

EXCUSED TARDIES:  Tardies will only be excused for a documented/verified medical condition or medical/dental appointment. 

Early Dismissals

Early Dismissals:  When a student needs to leave campus early, they need to drop off a note to the attendance office PRIOR to their first class of the day.  If they do not have time to wait, they should return at snack to receive their Early Dismissal pass.  Failure to get this early dismissal pass will result in a truancy.  All early dismissals for dr/dds office must be verified by the dr/dds office.  If no verification is made, the absence is reflected as Personal.  If you forget to send a note, or made a last minute appointment, parent/guardian may bring their identification to the attendance window to request student be released from class.  Only those listed on the Student's Emergency card have permission to release or pick up a student from school.