Trabuco Hills High School

Trabuco Hills High School


24-Hour Attendance Hotline

(949) 460-2707

  • Call anytime day or night to clear an absence
  • Leave a message and be sure to include the following:
    • Student's Full Name
    • Grade
    • Dates or Periods of Absence
    • Specific Reason for Absence

Clearing An Absence

An absence can be cleared by:

  • A phone message received from a parent or guardian
  • Or a signed note from a parent or guardian

Students have 3 school days upon return from an absence to clear the absence.

The note or phone message must have the student’s full name, grade, and dates or periods of absence, and a specific reason for the absence.

Notes can be dropped off at the attendance office. If a phone call has not been received or a note supplied, the student will receive a truant pending a readmit.

Not Returning From Lunch

Juniors and Seniors who have the privilege to leave at lunch and do not return for 6th or 7th period:

  • A parent MUST call that day before 3:00pm to clear that absence or the student is considered truant.


When a student arrives late he/she must get a Plasco/Tardy slip.

Where to get a Plasco/Tardy slip:

  • A campus supervisor or
  • The Attendance Office

If a student arrives more than 30 minutes late, without a note, the student is considered tardy-truant and must pick up a readmit slip from the Attendance Office.