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Work Permit Application

A work permit is a legal document required by the state of California that allows a person less than 18 years of age to hold a job. For further information regarding necessity and application please go to our Guidance page.

2017-2018 MVHS Dance Permission Slip

  • All MVHS Students must have a signed contract on file in the Activities Office in order to attend any MVHS dance (on and off-campus). Only one form is needed for the school year, however, a new form will need to be submitted yearly during Diablo Daze.

2017-2018 MVHS GUEST Dance Permission Slip

  • All outside guests of MVHS students must have a signed permission slip on file in the Activities Office in order to purchase and attend any MVHS dance (on and off-campus) and be 20 years old, or, younger. A new form must be filled out for every dance. The permission slip must be turned in at the time the guest ticket is purchased. Please note that guest tickets are only available for purchase at the Student Store at lunch (cash & credit only). There are no online sales for guest tickets. Along with the permission slip, a photocopy of the guest's school ID as well as the business card or stamp of the administrator that signed off on the permission slip are required. The guest ticket purchase can not be made without all 3 requirements (permission slip, photocopy of ID and administrator's signature with business card or stamp). The Activities Office/Student Store will NOT make copies of the required documentation, so please arrive prepared.

2017-2018 Parking Permit Application

  • All MVHS Students must have a valid parking permit in order to park on campus. Permits are only available to Seniors and Juniors with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Community Service Verification Form

  • All MVHS students must have completed a minimum of 8 hours of community service to graduate.