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Graduation Requirements

This page provides some basic information on High School Graduation Requirements for MVHS and the SVUSD. It is designed to help students and parents navigate successfully through the four years of high school courses leading to a diploma. It is important for students and parents to be familiar with these requirements and to carefully track student progress through each year. Planning ahead can help students maximize their high school education and put themselves in the best position possible for their next steps toward college and career pursuits. Our goal is to prepare students for their future and have them graduate from high school with as many college or career options as possible.

SVUSD Graduation Requirements

Students must complete 220 credits to earn their high school diploma; including subject requirements in English, mathematics, science, social science, world language OR arts, health, and physical education:

  • 4 Years of English
  • 3 Years of Social Science (History)
  • 3 Years of Math (to include Alg 1)
  • 3 Years of Science
  • 2 Years of PE (4 semesters)
  • 1 Year of Foreign Language/Fine Art/ Tech. Art
  • 1 Semester of Health
  • Complete 220 credits
  • 165 Required (English, Math, Science, History)
  • 55 Elective
  • Minimum GPA 1.75
  • Pass the Writing Proficiency
  • Submit verification of a minimum of 8 hours of community service*

Students earn 5 credits per class with a passing grade of A, B, C or D.
A grade of “F” must be repeated in order to graduate and earn a diploma.

*How to submit your completed community service - Students must bring the Community Service Form to the non-profit organization and have the supervisor sign the form and provide their contact information, type of work completed and the amount of hours earned and then submit this completed for to their MVHS Student Services Tech.

High School Planning Guide

The SVUSD High School Planning Guide is given to each student through their grade level guidance lessons throughout the year. Specific dates for presentations and corresponding parent nights can be found on the guidance calendar.

Information in the guide includes, but is not limited to: graduation requirements, a-g (4 year college eligibility requirements), various 4 year college systems (CSU, UC, private/independent schools) community college information, and career planning resources.

Four Year Plan Form

9th Grade Four Year Personal Learning Plan

During grade 9, all freshmen will meet with their school counselor to create a tentative four year plan. The primary goal is to increase students' career awareness and to make informed decisions regarding their future post-secondary goals, educational and career. School Counselors will work with students to devise a Four Year Personal Learning Plan. The plan is meant as a working document which spans from grade 9 through grade 12, allowing students to keep track of their graduation requirements as well as requirements necessary for college admissions.

* Courses chosen for the plan purposes are not locked in and may change as student interests, availability and prerequisite criteria are met.

Here is a blank copy of a useful form for parents and students to carefully plan and track the courses need for graduation and to properly position students for their post-high school goals.

4 Year Plan Form
4 Year Plan Form - Spanish

International Baccalaureate Program

For the best information regarding MVHS IB program, please view Mr. Krucli's IB website