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Assistant Principal of Athletic's Message



Athletics is an integral part of the curriculum in today’s school system. Athletics contributes to students reaching their full potential in every aspect of education. Students gain the attributes of self-discipline and hard work by participating in a solid athletic program. The coaches and athletic program in general should be used as resources for teachers and parents to develop a mature and disciplined student.

Athletics is essential for teaching persistence, patience and practice, all of which will benefit students long after their high school days. Athletics should both compliment and contribute to the overall educational process. For many students athletics is the most effective environment for learning the aspects of teamwork, time management, leadership skills, social relationships, successful mindset, community representation and the desire to achieve high goals, which should be the basic objectives of any sound educational system. The Mission Viejo athletic department holds our student-athletes to the highest standard both on and off the field of competition.


Troy Roelen, TOSA Athletics

Assistant Principal of Athletics