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Graduation & Senior Activities

The 2018 MVHS Commencement ceremony will take place on Thursday, June 14th at 6:00 pm in the Mission Viejo High School stadium. Please follow the "Graduation Merchandise" link here for details regarding cap & gown, etc.

Printable Senior Calendar of Events


Principal's Message

Dear Senior Parent/Guardian:

As we approach senior activities and graduation, there is a great deal of information to share with you. Please read and take note as we add more to our senior section of the website so that you can help your senior have a steady and successful last few months of the school year.

IMPORTANT: All seniors must meet all SVUSD graduation requirements in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. I encourage you to monitor your senior’s grades carefully during this important part of the school year. Any failure in a required course will automatically prevent a student from participating in the graduation ceremony.

Seniors must follow all school policies up through and including graduation and Grad Nite. All financial and disciplinary obligations, as well as attendance at all mandatory graduation practices, must be fulfilled or participation in senior activities, including the commencement ceremony, will be jeopardized. Seniors must clear all demerits prior to participating in any of the senior activities. Be aware that the Saddleback Valley Unified School District has a strict policy against the use or possession of drugs, alcohol, and weapons, and any other expellable offense. Please note that if a student commits any expellable offense they will be prohibited from attending and participating in prom and all senior activities, which includes the commencement ceremony and Grad Nite. These types of situations can cause major disappointment for a graduating senior and their family. Please discuss with your student the importance of making positive choices. Your support and guidance is instrumental during this important and exciting time.

Please note this word of caution about “senior pranks.” In the past, even some of our best students have participated in a senior prank that resulted in lost opportunities and privileges. There is no such thing as a safe senior prank. Even a plan to “toilet paper” can end up causing damage, leading to restitution and/or arrest, as well as a loss of senior activities. If you become aware of such a plan, please inform the school and do not allow your senior to participate. Students should never be on school grounds outside of school hours for any reason other than official school business or activities.

I know you are aware of the severity of the consequences for academic or disciplinary issues with seniors. Please impress upon your student the importance of complying with all school policies right up through the end of the year. Unfortunately, every year, some seniors get careless with grades or rules, and risk not graduating from high school. We have the highest expectations for all of our seniors. We ask that all senior parents take an active role in helping our seniors make the right choices from now through the end of the school year. Again, all school policies will be in effect for all senior activities (including Grad Nite). It is our goal for you to read and discuss the contents of this letter and packet with your student.

I look forward to seeing you at graduation on June 14th .

Thank you,

Mrs. Tricia Osborne


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