Mission Viejo High School

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Diablitos - New Student Program

Freshmen Class of 2027


red and blue hands

A program designed to help new students acclimate to Mission through mentorship and sponsored activities.

Diablitos are teacher nominated Juniors and Seniors who have:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Willingness to lead others
  • Responsible enough to manage a group
  • Accountable to show up throughout all phases of the program during the year
  • Willing to take risks
  • Interest in helping others
  • Positive role model
  • Dedicated
  • Self-confident and self-directed
  • Has respect for diverse ideas and personalities
  • Enthusiastic & energetic!!!

For further information, please contact our Diablitos Advisor, Katelin Petrulio.

Freshmen Orientation

Squad Up, Diablitos - Virtual Tour from 2020