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Student Clubs are an essential part of student life on campus. Clubs are approved every September/October for the entire school year through an application process. We encourage all students to take advantage of joining a club that will help you pursue your passions and interests, whether it be academically related, or not. Please feel free to stop by the classroom of the club adviser if you have questions about the club.


2019-2020 Clubs at MVHS

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ASB Club Coordinators & Contact Information

The 2019-2020 ASB Club Coordinators are Mady Goetz and Emily Palomaki. They are able to answer any questions regarding how to start and run a club. They are also responsible for keeping record of all student club minutes and rosters as well as the current status of all student clubs, and the holding of the Inter Club council meetings. Most questions that club officers have should first be directed to the Club Coordinators

For questions regarding specific club information, please contact the club President, or, Faculty Adviser.

MVHS Clubs 2019-2020