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Student Clubs are an essential part of student life on campus. Clubs are approved every September/October for the entire school year through an application process. We encourage all students to take advantage of joining a club that will help you pursue your passions and interests, whether it be academically related, or not. Please feel free to stop by the classroom of the club adviser if you have questions about the club.


2018-2019 Clubs at MVHS

Club Forms

ASB Club Coordinators & Contact Information

The 2018-2019 ASB Club Coordinators are Sonny Mirza and Emily Collins. They are able to answer any questions regarding how to start and run a club. They are also responsible for keeping record of all student club minutes and rosters as well as the current status of all student clubs, and the holding of the Inter Club council meetings. Most questions that club officers have should first be directed to the Club Coordinators.

Sonny Mirza sanazmirza10@gmail.com
Emily Collins emmcollins25@gmail.com

For questions regarding specific club information, please contact the club President, or, Faculty Adviser.

Curricular Clubs

Club Name                             Meeting Day/Time/Location                     Faculty Advisor                     Student President
A Cappella Choir Club            Wednesday/Lunch/603                                Norris                                    Abby Ross
AVID Club                               Wednesday/Tutorial/Lunch/504                   McAlister                               Vanessa Espriu Bustos & Katherine Bantle
Diablo Arts Magazine              Wednesday/Lunch/221                               Cost                                      Christian Jocson
Drama Club                             Tuesday/Lunch/601 (PAT)                          Harris                                     Emily Boyer
French Club                            Fridays/Lunch/205                                      Gawel                                    Sophia Klueter
Math Club                               Tuesday/Lunch/723                                    Wenzel                                   Shelby Laitipaya
Science Olympiad                  Wednesday/Lunch/703                               Fakuda                                   Iliana Goodhew & Shelby Laitipaya
Tri-M                                      Tursday/Tutorial/601                                    Norris                                     Shelby Laitipaya
Unified Sports                         Wednesday/Tutorial/508                            Tyson    


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Non Curricular Clubs

Club Name                                 Meeting Day/Time/Location                 Faculty Advisor                     Student President
Anime Club                                 Friday/Lunch/722                                    Kozick                                     Julia Jackson
Cereal Enthusiasts                      Friday/lunch/504                                     McAlister                                 Kevin perry
Disney Club                                 Thursdays/lunch/402                               Weiss                                     Sarah Bloom
Dungeons and Dragons Club      Tuesdays-Fridays/lunch/library                Takamiya                                Kevin Mayer
 Esports Club                                Wednesday/706 or 100/Lunch                Bui                                          Logan Taylor
Fellowship of Christian Athletes    Thursdays/lunch/MPR                           Pillsbury                                   Raegan Kirby
Flim Club                                       Thursdays/Lunch/215                            Stamos                                    Asher rodehearer
Fish 'n Chips                                 Thursdays/lunch/220                              Trench                                     Marie armas
Gay-Straight Alliance                    Wednesdays/lunch/505                           Ross                                      Jessie Smith
Hockey Club                                 Fridays/lunch/222                                    Lohmeier                                 Tucker Abel
Impact Dane Crew                        Thursdays/lunch/809                               Westphal                                Ambar Arellanez
Live 4 Tomorrow                           Thursdays/Lunch/MPR                             Petrulio                                  Nica Rahmati
MVInnovations                             Tuesdays&Fridays/tutorial/704                  Zeek                                      Matt Guerra
Picnic Pals                                   Thursdays/lunch/602                                 Norris                                    Rachel Colwell
Puzzle Club                                Wednesdays/lunch/219                               Holley                                  Sofia Migliaccio
Raices                                         Fridays/lunch/527                                       Espinoza                              Gabriel Picasso
Smash Club                                 Tuesdays&Thursdays/lunch/219                Holley                                 Adam Sellers
Stand With US                             Tuesdays/lunch/206                                    Hanneman                        Andrew Gallo
The Astronomy Club                    Fridays/lunch/503                                        Bubnis                              Chris McCormick
The Cloud Watching club            Wednesdays/lunch/702                                Faridpak                          Ashton Wheelahan/Isaiah Margala
The Hand-lettering Club                Fridays/lunch/519                                        Pillsbury                          Katherine Bobke
The Philisophical Star Wars Club    Fridays/Lunch/271                                    Beaman                           Eric Nguyen
The Wellness Club                           Wednesdays/lunch/525                           Chase                              Romina Dagher
True North CBC                                Wednesdays/Lunch/519                         Pillsbury                           Matthew Daniel
Young Life                                          Thursdays/6:30/Mpr                               Pillsbury                          Will Newell


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Service Clubs

Club Name Meeting Day/Time/Location Faculty Advisor Student President
California Scholarship Federation Monday/Lunch/723 Wenzel Keemia Beizai
Campaining for Kindness Tuesday/Lunch/217 Fleischman Emily Stevens
Crazy Athletic Team Sports Tuesday/Lunch/721 Beaman Lindsey Beaman
Doggie Bonez Tuesday/Thursday/Tutorial Mello Ambrielle Miller
Eat a Dog to Save a Dog Tuesday/Lunch/318 Quan Eric Mendoza
E-Club Thursday/Lunch/726 Chiljian Kailee Call
Environmental Club Tuesday/Lunch/724 Lavadia Iliana Goodhew
Feed the Need Lunch/726 Lisa Miller Kaitlyn Menichetti
 Help our Planet (H.O.P) Friday/3:00-4:30/Student Store Aldemir Kai Gan
Key Club Tuesay/Lunch/Little Theater Gowel  William Le
Kids Giving Hope to Kids Tuesday/Lunch/206 Hanneman Grant Penderghast
K-9 Krew Wednesday/Lunch/314 Gerwatosky Daryan & Kiana Ghaemi
Laura's House Tuesday/Thursday/312 Husband Danielle Lister
MVHS Cactus and Succulent Club Wednesday/Lunch/726 Miller Seth Gross
National Honors Society Friday/Lunch/223 Tickler Eric Nguyen
NEGU Tuesday/Lunch Roelen Danielle Babineau/Elizabeth Clem
Operation Smile Thursday/Lunch/319 Ryhlick Jane Kim
Popsicle Porject Wednesday/Lunch/304 Contreras Yasmeen Roundtree
Save the Ocean Thursday/Lunch/206 Hanneman Alex Hanneman
Someone Cares Club Tuesday/Tutorial Sabus Leona Khazali
Spanish Honors Society Lunch/206 Aldemir & Hanneman Alexia Kazemi
Serve it Up Tuesday/Lunch/220 Trench Gabriella Dunlap
The Aquaponics Club Monday/Lunch/723 Kozick Kelly La Cost
The Giving Group Wednesday/Lunch/523 Seitz Chloe Connelly
World Vision Thursday/Lunch/314 Gerwatosky Kayla Hararian, Zoya Brewer, Yasi Fahimi


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MVHS Unified SportsOur Unified Sports team boasts around 10 athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities. We also have 15 students who partner with these athletes ranging from Freshmen to Seniors and who are and are not MVHS athletes themselves. They support each and cheer each other on during basketball games, track meets, soccer matches and other sporting events. This group is the result of differently abled people caring for reach other and pushing for success, regardless of ability.