Student Clubs are an essential part of student life on campus. Clubs are approved every September/October for the entire school year through an application process. We are proud to offer 48 clubs at MVHS for the 2017-2018 school year! A list of all clubs, categorized by type, can be found below. We encourage all students to take advantage of joining a club that will help you pursue your passions and interests, whether it be academically related, or not. Please feel free to stop by the classroom of the club adviser if you have questions about the club.

2017-2018 Clubs at MVHS

Service Clubs

Animal Lives Matter Bailey WebbSabusWeekly/lunchRm 518Thursdayservice

Beach Clean-UpAlex HannemanHannemanmonthly/tutorialRm 206Friday service 9493440169
CHOCAshley Klein
Rm 702Thursday
service 9496062849
For A Greener + Healthier WorldIliana GoodhewLavadiabi-weekly/lunchRm 724Tuesdayservice
Help our Planet Ashley WangAldemirweekly/after schoolstudent store Friday service
Key ClubYasmin SiwyGawel biweekly/lunch little theater Tuesdayservice
Kids Giving Hope to KidsGarret PenderglustRyhlickmonthly/lunchRm 3192nd Wed. of the month service 9492350566
Make-a-Wish Hannah SanileeloguiBeamanmonthly/lunch/

Rm 721Wednesdayservice 6188553374
Minds of MusicJosh LiaoProctorbiweekly/lunch Rm 322Friday service 9495285285
Romina DagherChasebiweekly/lunch Rm 525Wednesdayservice

Outdoor ClubJohn JezekBeamanbiweekly/lunch Rm 721Thursdayservice 9493009491
Safe RidesCassie TurnerSabusmonthly/lunchRm 518Wednesdayservice
Save the ChildrenSana MirzaBuimonthly/lunchRm 706Wednesdayservice 9497021416
Serve it UpGabby DunlapRyanbiweekly/lunch Rm 220 Tuesdayservice
Superheros of MVHSMax Owens Nguyenweekly/lunchRm 523Wednesdayservice
TACAChloe CooperHusbandmonthly/lunchRm 312Tuesdayservice
The Life Stories Project Brendan McGillicuddyCostmonthly/tutorialRm 2211st Thursday/monthservice

Curricular Clubs

All that JazzEsther HuangWestphalweekly/lunchRm 306Wednesdaycurricular estherhuang23@
AVID Lauren MillerMcAlister weekly/lunchRm 504Wednesdaycurricular
CSFNoah UsmanWenzelweekly/lunchRm 723Mondaycurricular noah92691@
French Makenna MeyersGawel2 times a month/ lunchRm 205Fridaycurricularmakennameyers3
ITS DramaKayla Morgan Harrismonthly/varies Rm 601/theater varies curricularkaylamorgan0229
Math Shelby LaitipayaWenzelbi-weekly/lunchRm 723Tuesdaycurricular shelbyaom@
NHSRebecca SooPetrulio, K.monthly/varies/lunch Little TheaterThursdaycurricular
Science Olympiad Benjiman Pang Fukudabi-weekly/lunchRm 703Wednesdaycurricularnoah92691@
Spanish Sabba BeizaiHannemanmonthly/ Rm 206Wednesday
curricular sabbabeizai@
Spanish Honors Society Haley Christian Hanneman2 times a month/ lunchRm 206Tuesdaycurricular haleybrielle@

Non-Curricular Clubs

Anime Sarah WildingKozickweekly/lunchRm 722Fridaynon-curricular
Beach DazeMakayla Kirkland Daherbiweekly/lunch Rm 531Wednesday/Fridaynon-curricular
Cactus + SucculentSeth GrossMillerweekly/lunchRm 726Wednesdaynon-curricular
Cloud Watching Ashton Wheelehan Faridpakmonthly/lunchRm 702Wednesday non-curricular9498136680
Comic CreationsAlex HurlemanCostweekly/lunchRm 221Wednesdaynon-curricular
Creative Expression Daisy Merino McAlister weekly/lunchRm 504Thursdaynon-curricular
Dance CrewKaizo HallFernandezweekly/lunchRm 809Thursdaynon-curricular9493531983
Destresalizer Sarah WildingSabusweekly/lunchRm 518Thursdaynon-curricular
Diablo Arts Magazine Emily DowneyCostweekly/lunchRom 221Tuesday non-curricular949-558-9170
Fates TableVeronica RiveraZeekweekly/lunch***Tuesdaynon-curricular
FCAChristian CaradonnaPillsburybiweekly/lunch MPRThursdaynon-curricular9493091609
Gay-Straight Alliance Grace DavisonRossbiweekly/lunch Rm 505Wednesdaynon-curricular9496329278
I-ClubHudson BorthwickNgyuen weekly/lunchRm 405Thursdaynon-curricular9495145786
Muslim Student AssociationHibah RafiqSharpmonthly/lunchRm 517Fridaynon-curricular
MVHS Robotics Thomas Stringer Neumeyerbiweekly/lunch Rm 305Tuesday/Friday non-curricular
MVHS Smoothie Eric NguyenMillermonthly/lunchRm 7291st Tuesdaynon-curricular
Peer Counseling GroupElla AbediProctorbiweekly/lunch Rm 322Tuesdaynon-curricular9494443927
Picnic PalzJeri KlucasNorrismonthly/lunchRm 602 chiorFridaynon-curricular9492353373
Save the Stripes Daryan GhaemiGerwatoskymonthly/lunchRm 314Tuesdaynon-curricular9493309491
Stand With UsSarah SerfatyGawelweekly/lunchRm 205Wednesdaynon-curricular
True North Christian Corbin FergusonPillsburybiweekly/lunch Rm 519Wednesdaynon-curricular9492204999

Club Forms

Club Officers- please note that all clubs are required to meet at least once a month, and that meeting minutes and rosters are due the 1st of every month in the ASB room.

ASB Club Coordinators & Contact Information

The 2017-2018 ASB Club Coordinators are Kyle Cota & MeKenna Randall. They are able to answer any questions regarding how to start and run a club. They are also responsible for keeping record of all student club minutes and rosters as well as the current status of all student clubs, and the holding of the Inter Club council meetings. Most questions that club officers have should first be directed to the Club Coordinators.

MeKenna Randall:

Kyle Cota:

For questions regarding specific club information, please contact the club President, or, Faculty Adviser.

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