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MVHS Associated Student Body Mission Statement
Mission Viejo High School Associated Student Body is the group of students whose goal is to create memorable and special experiences for their peers through the execution of planned and organized student activities throughout the school year. MVHS ASB is a group of both elected and appointed students in grades 9-12 from a variety athletic, academic, and arts programs as well as personal backgrounds. 
MVHS ASB promotes the Diablo spirit through the activities they organize and plan during the school year.  Mission ASB is set apart from others because of their dedication to their school, their spirit, and their unending determination to make Mission Viejo High School a home for all it’s students. 
MVHS ASB impacts it’s students through helping each of them find a niche on campus by way of clubs, academic programs, athletics, fine and performing arts, Student Body Congress, Student/Artist/Athlete of the month, pep assemblies, dress up days and much more. Every student has an opportunity to be recognized and celebrated on our campus. 

All students enrolled in Mission Viejo High School are members of the Associated Student Body (ASB). The Executive Council is made up of the ASB officers, as well as class officers. All council members meet daily during the 3rd period leadership class and conduct business meetings on Wednesdays. The Council is responsible for requisitions, all ASB money, the ratification of club constitutions, planning events, publicity, and execution of all ASB activities. All members of the Executive Council are chosen through either a school-wide election, or, interview process (dependent on position) in the Spring prior to the school year term they will serve.

All students have the option of purchasing an ASB card (marked on your school ID), which provides great benefits as well as helps support many programs across campus. Benefits include:

  • FREE admission to home sporting events including football and basketball games (excluding playoff games)
  • Discounts on all school dances (on and off-campus)
  • Discounts on parking permits (Seniors & Juniors only)

2019-2020 ASB Officers and Commissioners

ASB Officers

  • ASB President: Tony Villarreal
  • ASB Vice President: Yazzy Roundtree
  • Secretary: Emily Mitchell 
  • Treasurer: Brianna Daniel 
  • Activities Coordinator: Samantha Castro  
  • Publicity Chairperson: Kyia Mochitani 
  • Pep Commissioners: Emily Collins and Amelia Newell 
  • Assembly Commissioners: Sarelle Ming, Riley Cooke 
  • Boy’s Athletic Commissioner: Shaun Gold 
  • Girl’s Athletic Commissioner: Abby Newell 
  • Fine Arts Commissioner: Kenny Cook
  • School Board Representative: Madison Goseco  
  • Community Service: Ella Cooke and Michelle Vermaerke 
  • Club Coordinators: Madison Goetz and Emily Palomaki 
  • Historian: Bella Fischer 
  • Technology Coordinator: Jake Roelen and Sina Sinbari
  • Staff and Student Relations: Julia Maclean 
  • Spirit/Hype Commissioner: Allie Casarietti   


Class Officers

Senior Class Officers

  • President: Eric Mendoza 
  • Vice President: Sonny Mirza 

Junior Class Officers

  • President: Graycie Ryan 
  • Vice President: Ashley Fennell 

Sophomore Class Officers

  • President: Sheri Fashimi 
  • Vice President: Anthony Terusa 

Freshmen Class Officers

  • President: Lauren Hendrawan  
  • Vice President: Harleen Gill 



Student Body Congress

2019-2020 SBC

Student Body Congress is a collection of voluntary student representatives that meet the second Tuesday of every month during 3rd period in the Little Theater. These meetings include bringing new activity ideas to the floor, reflecting on past events and trying to improve them, and giving students another avenue to make their opinions heard on campus. Student Body Congress meetings are organized by the ASB Vice President, Yazzy Roundtree, and attended by all ASB Executive Officers.

Goals and Guidelines for MVHS Student Body Congress
- At each SBC meeting, representatives will have a chance to be heard verbally as well as have a chance to vote on issues that ASB brings to them. 
- SBC meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each  month at 9:00 am promptly with all representatives in their seats, with an agenda, a pencil/pen and already signed in. 
- SBC representatives will take their agenda and notes back to their 3rd period class and report on the meeting. If necessary, they will gather information or sign ups from their peers to report back at the next meeting. 
- SBC representatives are one piece of the governing student body of our school, so they should be seen attending school events, taking a leadership role at them, and supporting MVHS athletics, academics, arts and activities. 


Class Council