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MVHS LipDub 2018

The LipDub was filmed on Thursday, November 8 and includes all programs that MVHS offers. All CTE courses, clubs, organizations, sports and performing arts are in the video. It features 1900 students and 100 staff members. It spans the entire legnth of the campus from the farm to the stadium. ASB Technology Commissioner, Ethan McAlister filmed and edited the entire video that was captured in mostly one take.  

The Inferno in pictures

Mission Viejo High School's student section, The Inferno, brings their spirit and support to the football team both home and away. The Inferno can be seen cheering, singing, and dancing at the games. They were named one of Orange County's top ten student sections by the OC Register this year. 


The Inferno videos

Homecoming 2018 in pictures

Homecoming 2018 video

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