Mission Viejo High School

School campus

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Mission Viejo High School develops students’ highest potential within a rigorous and relevant, standards-based instructional program while fostering a balanced and healthy lifestyle that engages and supports all students.

Vision Statement

Mission Viejo High School graduates will be innovative, critical thinkers who collaborate effectively, contribute meaningfully and compete successfully in the global community. As a strategic organization, we will analyze shareholder input and multiple sources of data to drive decision-making, establish goals, and execute action plans that will affect school-wide improvement.

Our staff will be completely dedicated to promoting high achievement for all students through:

  • Instruction that uses research-based best practices and brain-compatible teaching strategies to guide student mastery of a rigorous, standards-based curriculum.
  • Effective interventions that are timely, systematic, research-based, and innovative.
  • Diverse curriculum that meets common core state standards and is rigorous, relevant, and equally accessible to all students in every classroom on campus to engage all learners.
  • Accessibility to co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences of the highest caliber.
  • Assessment that motivates students with varied, continuous formative and summative strategies, and produces achievement data that is used effectively to modify instruction.
  • On-going improvement of curriculum and instruction that motivates students through professional development, action research, staff collaboration, and Professional Learning Community practices.

Diablo Student Learner Outcomes

  • Develop, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information and evidence.
  • Interact with others using effective interpersonal skills including effective listening, clear expression and logical organization.
  • Apply creative problem solving skills in academic and personal life.
  • Build expertise in technology use, research skill and information literacy for appropriate application in problem solving and communication.
  • Live a healthy and ethical lifestyle through positive choices that lead to physical and mental well-being.
  • Objectively provide and present evidence to justify conclusions.
  • Support each other and embrace diverse and global perspectives in academic, athletic, and artistic endeavors.