Off-Campus Courses

Private/Online Alternative Ed Options

On occasion, students wish to enroll in courses off-campus in order to meet the SVUSD electives requirement, for college admissions requirements, or for enrichment. SVUSD provides a list of several programs, although many others exist.

In addition, many colleges/universities also offer distance/online courses for high school students. However, they most often require an admissions process.

Private Online Alt Ed Options

VAPA and Foreign Language Classes Off-Campus

As part of the A-G requirements, the UC's and Cal States require two years of a foreign language and one year of a visual and performing arts (VAPA) class to be completed during high school in order to qualify to apply to their universities. These classes are not specifically required for graduation from LHHS so students have the option to take these classes through outside sources. The two sources below are free (plus the cost of books/supplies). There are additional private schools that offer courses for a fee.

ROP VAPA Classes

ROP offers classes during the school year as well as over the summer that meet the UC/CSU VAPA requirement. If you're interested in signing up for an ROP class outside of the bell schedule, see Mrs. Fenton in the LHHS career center ASAP to secure a spot for the following semester.

Community College VAPA and Foreign Language Classes

Click the link below for a list of classes at Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College (or any community college) that satisfy the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) "F" requirement to be able to apply to a UC or CSU.

Some students may choose to take a foreign language class "E" requirement through a community college to meet the requirements to apply to a UC or CSU. The first level of a foreign language at a community college is the equivalent of two years of high school foreign language. Therefore, the one semester class meets the two year requirement for application to a CSU/UC. Click the link below for a list of classes that meet the requirement.

Any high school student wishing to take a class at a community college needs to complete the Community College K-12 form which can be downloaded from the community college's website (the links are below). When submitting your K-12 form to the LHHS guidance office for signatures, please be sure to attach the one page printout with the class details from the college website (the page that specifies the dates/days/times of the course).

UC/CSU A-G Approved courses at the community colleges - Put in the name of the community college and select the current school year to see if the class is eligible. The VAPA courses are listed under the "F" category.

Saddleback College K-12 Registration steps and forms

Irvine Valley College K-12 Registration steps and forms