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College Entrance tests

Some colleges and specific majors require and/or recommend SAT II Subject tests. It's important that you check with specific colleges but you can see the document below for some old detailed information.

College Representatives Visits

Getting a Job

Work Permits

Students under the age of 18 are required to have a work permit in order to work. Here are the steps for getting a work permit:

  1. Make sure your grades are good and you're on track to graduate so you'll be approved.
  2. Apply for jobs and get hired for one.
  3. Pick up a work permit application (green) from the Career Center.
  4. Fill out the application and make sure your parent and employer fill out and sign their parts.
  5. Bring your work permit application to Mrs. Yi-Ching Fenton in the career center (or the guidance office if Mrs. Fenton is off-campus that day). You must turn it in to her in person because you will have your private social security number on the application.
  6. Pick up your work permit from Mrs. Fenton in the Career Center during snack or lunch one or two days later.


What interviewers wish they could tell every job candidate

Helpful College Application Links

Below you will find some links to help you explore the almost 3000 colleges out there and start deciding which ones you may want to apply to.

To apply to:


Letter of Recommendation Instruction Packet

Saddleback College Counseling Appointments here at LHHS

Saddleback College Counseling available in the Career Center weekly on Wednesdays here at LHHS

Have a question about Saddleback College? On Wednesdays from 8:15am-12:30pm in the Career Center speak to our Saddleback College Counselor assigned to help our students:

  • Learn more about upcoming Freshman Advantage deadlines and the registration/matriculation process.
  • Help you better understand your Saddleback College placement results.
  • Ask questions about enrolling in Counseling 100 here at LHHS.
  • Discuss concurrent enrollment (taking a class at Saddleback College while still in high school)
  • Materials available for specific Saddleback College programs such as Transfer, Honors, Career Technical Education (CTE), Nursing, Athletics and more.

**Schedule an appointment with Dr. Boustani here.

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