Laguna Hills High School

Laguna Hills High School

Athletic Director's Message

The Mission Statement of Laguna Hills High states: “At Laguna Hills High School, our mission is to provide a rigorous and accessible curriculum in a small school, family environment.” We believe as an Athletic Department, our mission statement provides the foundation upon which we build our programs.

At Laguna Hills we strive for excellence on the athletic as well as in the classroom. We are a small school and each and every one of our athletes is an important member of our athletic community. Our athletes are encouraged not only to participate in multiple sports, but other extra-curricular activities as well. It is not uncommon for our athletes to participate in ASB, band, choir, and MUN, to name a few. Our coaching staff is committed to the development of the overall student and they work hand in hand with the non-coaching staff to provide quality experiences that place the overall best interests of our athletes first.

We believe there are many life-skills that can best be learned through competition in high school athletics. Self-discipline, hard work, perseverance, and teamwork are some of the qualities that participation in athletics can teach our athletics. There is no better place to learn how to deal with success and failure than through athletic competition. Athletics can also be that spark a young person needs to help motivate them in the classroom as well. Athletes must maintain a minimum GPA to remain eligible for participation. So while we are striving to do well on the athletic field, the classroom must come first.

We provide 25 interscholastic sports at Laguna Hills and have over 70 dedicated coaches whose goal is to provide our athletes with the best athletic education available. We compete in the Coast View Athletic Conference, one of the strongest in all of CIF. Our facilities are second to none in Orange County. From our all-weather turf fields, to our 4500 square foot weight room, Laguna Hills provides our athletes with first class playing and training facilities. Please come out and experience Laguna Hills Athletics

If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Scott Wilford, Athletic Director