ASB 2019-2020

ASB President: Akimi Nagano
ASB Vice President: Robyn Weber
ASB Secretary: Liani Laquian
ASB Treasurer: Ryan Becker

Senior Class President: Maddie Blair
Senior Class Vice President: Natalia Jimenez
Junior Class President: David Moon
Junior Class Vice President: Megan Kolarov
Sophomore Class President: Maggie Cox
Sophomore Class Vice President: Sidney Mudd

​​​​​​​Commissioners of Assemblies: Stephanie Sigar & Ashley Ramos
Commissioner of Pep Rallies: Michael Snodgrass
Commissioners of Social Events: Ellen Nguyen & Roxy Rassoulian
Commissioners of Spirit: Miles Kim & Sandy Vivar
Commissioners of Clubs & Performing Arts: Rene Kairouz & Jeremy Lenard Prudencio
Commissioners of Publicity: Grace Hart & Kira Presley
Commissioner of Education & Rep to the Board: Sam Tullis
Commissioners of Athletics: Abbey Weber & Cameron Richards
Commissioner of Campus Awareness: Mackenzie Macare
Commissioners of Community Service: Serina Williams & Elaheh Jalali
Commissioners of Technical Services: Logan Nagano & Matthew Cotton
Senior Class Commissioner: Jonathan DeBarro
Junior Class Commissioner: Bella Maceranka
Sophomore Class Commissioners: Lilly Mostafa & Melissa Bahena
Freshman Class President: Sophia Tzannakos
Freshman Class Vice President: Dulce Galindo
Freshman Class Commissioners: Gabriela Arellano & Sydney Reza
Historian: Miranda Tosches 

Associated Student Body
All students at Laguna Hills High School are part of the Associated Student Body (ASB). Each year students are chosen to be in the ASB Leadership elective class. Throughout the year the ASB Leadership class plans events and activities that are designed to help students make connections on campus and create lasting memories. It is our goal to make your high school experience the best it can be!

ASB Card
Each LHHS student has the opportunity to purchase an ASB card. Having an ASB card allows you to get into home athletics events for free, receive discounts on dances and theater events, gives you access to giveaways, and much more. Students who purchase an ASB card end up savings hundreds of dollars throughout the year. Students can purchase an ASB card online or in the Student Store during snack or lunch.

2018-2019 ASB Officers and Commissioners

ASB Officers

ASB President: Gianna Aldana

ASB Vice President: Julia Moon

ASB Treasurer: Carson Totty

ASB Secretary: Akimi Nagano

Class Officers

Senior Class President: Maddie Martin 

Senior Class Vice President: Sasha Tarin

Junior Class President: Robyn Weber

Junior Class Vice President: Cameron Richards

Sophomore Class President: Jeremy Lenard Prudencio

Sophomore Class Vice President: David Moon

Freshman Class President: Maggie Cox

Freshmen Class Vice President: Sidney Mudd

ASB Commissioners

Commissioners of Assemblies: Rene Kairouz & Bella Maceranka 

Commissioner of Pep Rallies: Miles Kim

Commissioners of Social Events: Nicole Follmer & Lisa Hamidi

Commissioner of Spirit: Bryce Bennett

Commissioners of Clubs and Performing Arts: Aidan LaGrasta & Stephanie Sugar 

Commissioners of Publicity: Liani Laquian & Miranda Tosches 

Commissioner of Education and Rep to the Board: Sam Tullis

Commissioners of Athletics: Riley Coleman & Shaw Zeider 

Commissioner of Campus Awareness: Ally Danly

Commissioners of Community Service: Danielle Lopez & Serina Williams 

Commissioners of Technical Services: Truman Talbot & Aaron Werdmuller

Commissioner of Freshman Class: Lulu Hill

Commissioners of Sophomore Class: Ryan Becker & Ellen Nguyen 

Commissioners of Junior Class: Maddie Blair & Crystal Vasquez

Commissioner of Senior Class: Karissa Jensen

New Panel

ASB Purchases

You can purchase tickets, events, items and make contributions all at our webstore!

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